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Bade Acche Lagte Hain – September 24 Serial Update

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain
In last night (September 24) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Priya, Shipra and Sudhir come home with Peehu. Priya looks at the house and feels that nothing has changed.

Ayesha is frantically trying to reach Shipra, but she doesn't take her call. Mamaji advices Ayesha to remain calm when she unnecessarily gets mad at her son Khush.

Krishnaji informs mamaji that Priya is alive and they are happy that soon both Priya and Ram will reunite. Mamaji tells them that they should decide between Ayesha Ram Kapoor and Priya. He along with Ayesha try to instigate the family against Priya by saying that the girl whom Rajat was planning to marry is none other than Priya. He also tells them that Priya was with rajat for the past five years.

Peehu along with the family is having dinner and she demands aloo paratha. Shipra tells Priya that Peehu is just like Ram, who also love aloo parathas. Shipra gets a call from Ayesha. Shipra hangs the call and tells everyone that she forgot something very important in Kapoor mansion and so will go and bring it. Priya doubts and asks, "mama you were saying you have to go to Kapoor mansion, are you living in Kapoor mansion too? Shipra doesn't say anything, but Natasha looks on with a smile.

Mamaji tells Ayesha that nobody will support her now that Priya has come back. But Ayesha is confident that her mother will support as she is now used to the luxurious lifestyle in the Kapoor mansion.

Shipra comes to Ayesha and happily informs Ayesha that Priya is alive and is back. Aayesha tells Shipra that she should choose between Priya and her. She even tells her that Priya and Rajat were in a relation.

Priya tells Shipra that back in Dubai, it was daijaa and Rajat who supported her. Shipra asks Priya if she and Rajat are mere friends or are they in a relation.

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