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Bigg Boss 7's Armaan-Tanisha Separated, Thanks To Gauhar-Kushal; Tanisha In Finale Without Armaan?

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Bigg Boss 7 has managed to keep us on the edge for a long time now and the same is happening again with the arrest of Armaan Kohli. Armaan, one of the strongest contestant in the Bigg Boss 7 show got arrested from the Bigg Boss house on Monday night at 11 pm. Does this mean the end of Armaan-Tanisha in the house?

The whole issue started with Sofia and Armaan's differences in Bigg Boss house. One fight led to another, and BAM! Armaan hits Sofia (accidentally). Sofia packs her bags to leave and the lovebirds, Kushal and Gauhar, helped her pack her bags as soon as possible and suggested her leave the show and file a case against Armaan Kohli. Though Sofia left two days later, she did listen to Kushal and Gauhar, and filed a case against Armaan Kohli.

Well, for all we know Armaan will be back on the show in a day or two. With Armaan, one of the very few who has reached the finale week, it would be unfortunate if he does not manage to be in the house for it. Armaan, Tanisha, Andy and Sangram have made it to the finale week.

The Monday nominations had Ajaz Khan nominating - Andy and Kushal, Kushal nominated Tanisha and Ajaz, Armaan nominated Gauhar and Kushal, Gauhar nominated Armaan and Tanisha, Tanisha nominated Gauhar and Kushal and Andy nominated Ajaz and Kushal.

The nominated contestants, thus are Kushal, Gauhar, Ajaz and Tanisha. Bigg Boss announced that captain Sangram will have the power to save one of the nominated inmate. Sangram would save Tanisha Mukherjee.

Armaan and Tanisha were seen rejoicing that they had made it to the finale week together. But the sad part was that the same night, Armaan Kohli got arrested taking him away from Bigg Boss house and Tanisha too.

Will Armaan be back soon or miss the finale week? Well, let's wait and watch.

Armaan-Tanisha Love

After Kamya got eliminated, Armaan expressed his relief and happiness that it was not Tanisha who got evicted.

Tanisha And Armaan In Bathroom

First it was Gauhar and Kushal and then Armaan and Tanisha were seen sneaking inside the bathroom for some "we" time.

Monday Nominations

Monday nominations had the six inmates, other than captain Sangram, nominating against each other. Gauhar, Kushal, Ajaz and Tanisha get the highest votes.

Sangram Saves Tanisha

Captain Sangram got to save one nominated inmate and he saved Tanisha Mukherjee.

Danger Zone

It is Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan in the danger zone. Who gets eliminated, let's wait and watch.

Gauhar, Kushal And Ajaz

The never ending story of Gauhar, Kushal and Ajaz has got a little too far and it is starting to annoy.

Kushal Insecure?

Gauhar just called Ajaz to dance, when she was in Kushal's arms. This made Kushal flip out and get extremely stressed.

Gauhar And Kushal

Yesterday's episode had Gauhar and Kushal in the bathroom together, twice.

Sangram's Reaction

In Picture: Sangram's reaction seeing Gauhar and Kushal walking into the bathroom and locking themselves inside.

Ajaz's Acts

When Kamya got eliminated, Ajaz decided to do a Kushal by trying to leave the Bigg Boss house.

Will Armaan And Tanisha Survive This?

Whether or not Armaan and Tanisha manage to survive this separation? We will have to wait and watch.

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