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Jodha Akbar: 28th May; Jodha Agrees To Be Rukhaiya's Serving Maid, Jalal Impressed! (Pics)

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    Jodha Akbar 28th May written episode: Jodha attends Rukaiya’s urgent call. Rukaiya says that she wants Jodha to take care of her in her pregnancy, as she cannot trust anyone after the previous accident. She immediately asks for a foot massage; Jodha does not refuse her. Jodha fails to read her true intention.

    Akbar searches for Jodha and discovers her with tears in her eyes. He asks about her meeting with Rukaiya; Jodha shares the truth. Akbar thinks it would be an insult for Jodha, when there are so many maids to look after Rukaiya.

    Jodha stops him from saying anything to Rukaiya. She thinks that she should look after her, as she is going to be the mother of Akbar’s child. Akbar appreciates her big heart and says that she is absolutely unpredictable.

    Jodha sincerely starts looking after Rukaiya and stops her smoking. Akbar, Hamida and Salima visit Rukaiya’s chamber and appreciate Jodha’s care for her. They are having the misconception that Rukaiya has started liking Jodha.

    Akbar takes a chance of whispering to Jodha and it irritates Rukaiya. She tries to listen to their conversation. After he leaves the room, he sends an urgent call for Jodha. When Jodha meets Akbar, he demands her attention. He tells her that her first duty is to look after him. He is completely lost in Jodha’s charm.

    On the other hand Rukaiya becomes impatient thinking why Jodha is spending so much time with Akbar. She starts smoking in anxiety. Soon a maid disturbs Jodha-Akbar’s romantic discourse and informs that Rukaiya is not feeling well.

    Rukhaiya Summons Jodha

    Rukhaiya would summon Jodha to her chamber immediately.

    Rukhaiya's Request

    Rukhaiya would request Jodha to take care of her through her pregnancy since she does not trust any body apart from her.

    Jodha Shocked

    Jodha would be shocked to hear Rukhaiya's request but would eventually agree to do it since it is for Jalal and his child.

    Rukhaiya's Unfair Requests

    Rukhaiya would request Jodha to press her feet. Jodha though taken aback a little would do it since she is carrying the child of Jalal.

    Jodha Upset Later

    Jodha would then be upset in her chamber where Jalal would find her.

    Jalal Shocked

    Jalal would be shocked to hear about Rukhaiya's request. He would disagree to it.

    Jodha Explains

    Jodha would explain to Jalal that she would do it for him and the child. She would not mind serving Rukhaiya since she is carrying his child.

    Jalal Moved

    Jalal would be moved hearing Jodha's words. He would tell her that just like Radha and Kanha, though there are number of wives in his life, the one who would stand next to him through history is her.

    Jodha's Pure Heart

    Each trick of Rukhaiya would get Jodha and Jalal that much closer to each other.

    Jodha Takes Care Of Rukhaiya

    Jodha would take good care of Rukhaiya by checking on her often and making sure she is comfortable.

    Rukhaiya's Tricks Continues

    Rukhaiya's tricks continues as she asks her to tend to her headache.

    Jalal And Jodha

    Soon after talking to Rukhaiya, Jalal would request Jodha to not forget him. He would then summon her to his room.

    Rukhaiya Worried To Death

    When Jodha leaves to meet Jalal, Rukhaiya would get agitated. She would yet again try to disturb them no matter what.

    Jodha and Jalal Interrupted

    Jodha and Jalal would get interrupted again when a maid announces that Rukhaiya begum is in a very serious condition.

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