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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Love-Hate Saga Of Ishaani-Ranveer Continues

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Seems like the love-hate saga of Ishaani and Ranveer in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is never ending. When Ranveer was in love with Ishaani, she didn't value that and hated him and when Ishaani started loving RV, he gave damn to her, thought he loved her. Now it seems like the story has got back to stage one. Ishaani starts hating RV! But wait... there is a twist here.

Ishaani (Radhika Madan) gets unwell and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) says he will give answer for all her questions and loves her a lot. He gets doctor, takes care of her. But what does Ishaani do; she asks for divorce!

This shocks everyone, but the only one who is happy is Amba. Amba overhears Ishaani asking for divorce. She provokes RV to sign divorce papers the same day and she will arrange for lawyer. RV is still dumbstruck.

Ritika asks Ishaani, why Ishaani wants divorce, when she knows both can't live without each other. Ishaani replies back by saying, when he believed Chirag's words which he said during Karva Chauth's night, why is he not believing it now, when he said the truth! RV has insulted her a lot and doesn't respect women. This is the reason that Ishaani wants to stay away from him.

RV hears it and says Ritika that Ishaani is stubborn and she won't listen to anyone now. On the other side, Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) too tries to make her understand but in vain.

It is shocking for all to see Ishaani's strange behaviour. She acts just like Ranveer, trying to hate him to the core and need divorce. Not only this, Ishaani even asks for property share, that shocks RV.

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Amba Provokes RV

Amba listens to what Ishaani said and provokes RV to sign divorce papers today itself. Ishaani looks at her with no reactions.


Ritika asks why Ishaani wants divorce as she knows both love each other immensely. Ishaani replies back saying she lost the game of love as RV doesn't respect or trust him.


Ritika asks Sharman not to make Ishaani divorce RV as they love each other and RV will shatter completely if she divorce him. Sharman is still confused if Ritika is concerned about Ishaani or RV.

Chirag Thrown Out Of House

Chirag, who is happy with stealing diamonds, get shocked when RV's people throw him out of the house as he hadn't payed his debts.


Chirag bumps into RV and asks him the reason for throwing him out. RV replies by saying that he had created a mess at home and doesn't want to see him any more. He accepts that he has taken personal revenge on Chirag.


Falguni tries to make Ishaani understand that what she is doing is wrong, but the later is not ready to listen as she has made the decision.


Even Nitin tries to make Ishaani understand with Falguni, but Ishaani replies rudely to him.


Amba gets lawyer and makes the two families sit together. She asks Ishaani and RV to sign divorce papers. Ishaani stuns everyone by asking alimony. Amba insults Ishaani and her family, but she doesn't react and says this is what RV wanted.

RV Agitated

RV gets irritated with this attitude of Ishaani and says he won't give a penny to her.


Ishaani is seen with Manas, who says the former to think as it is decision of life, but Ishaani says she wants to go to jail instead of RV. Since RV has shown his 'Aashiqui', now it's her turn to show the same.

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