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Trust Game In Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi; Ishaani To Backfire On RV!

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Just when we thought the Ishaani's (Radhika Madan) testing time is over, there comes another twist in the tale of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. We all know that Ishaani has been undergoing a long testing time and she traps Chirag, who is the main culprit. But seems like Ishaani's test of love is never ending.

Ishaani's Mission 'Sheik Hassena' would be successful as Chirag accepts that there is no fault of Ishaani and he doesn't have any affair with her. But this confession of Chirag wasn't accepted by RV and he ignores Ishaani.
Shocked Ishaani stands in mid of the road, where she was stopping Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) car.

RV saves Ishaani from speeding vehicle and is questioned by her as to why he saved her when he doesn't love her. RV says he can't trust either of them - neither Ishaani nor Chirag - as the former cheated him and the later isn't trust worthy.

Sharman comes to know that Chirag accepted his fault before going to court and is happy for his sister Ishaani. He says Chirag that they had played a trick on him. When he says that the girl is Sameera, whom he thought as Shiek Hassena, Chirag fumes and promises to ruin Ishaani's life.

Sharman, who calls Ritika to tell good news of stopping Ishaani-RV's divorce issue, gets a shock as he sees RItika in the hotel with RV. Ritika had lied to him that she is going to Pune with her father. He asks RV what was Ritika doing with him. RV says, if he is asking as Ritika's fiancé, then he shouldn't doubt her; but if he is asking as Ishaani's brother, his answer will be, it's none of his business to ask.

Sharman warns RV saying only he (RV) can understand the pain when his love is seen with some other men. RV remembers his childhood and sweet moments with Ishaani, while she is worried about her future.

Ladies' Talk

Ishaani comes across few ladies who were seen laughing on the domestic issues, among which problem with their spouses were common.

Ishaani Joins Ladies

Ishaani join these ladies, among whom one is her servant. Ishaani says she wants to face things and takes advise of having desi alcohol that gives them guts to speak.


RV says Sharman saw them together, to which Ritika is seen upset. She wishes she could say the truth. Ritika says to accept that he still loves Ishaani and not to be stubborn. After some arguments, RV asks her to leave as he wants to be alone.

Ishaani Drinks And Goes To RV's Office

Ishaani drinks and comes to RV's office, she asks him to accept the truth. She says she knows RV too love him, and what he wants! RV avoids her, and says she is drunk. She says she is drunk 'desi daru' to say the truth.

Chirag Meets Girish

Chirag goes to Girish and says he wants to punish Ishaani. He wants to send RV to jail and then only he can relax. He starts destroying home items, Girish says to calm down as he is harming his own property and is of no use.

RV Ignores

Ishaani starts caughing and asks RV to answer her, but he avoids and starts doing his work.

Ishaani Unwell

Ishaani starts coughing very badly, when RV tries to move. She suddenly gets breathing problem.

RV Finally Answers

Ishaani gets unwell and falls down. RV gets her water and says he won't allow anything to happen to her. He will give all answers.

Chirag Tries To Steal Diamond

Chirag enters RV's office by stealing identity card of security guard. He goes to the place where diamonds are kept and tries to steal them.

Disha Too Enters Room

Disha too enters the same room, while Chirag hides. Disha replaces original diamonds with the duplicate and says now she has taken revenge from RV as he will be sent to jail.

Chirag Takes Pic Of Disha

Seeing Disha do this, Chirag takes picture to blackmail her. He asks for 50-50 share of diamonds.

Manas Enters Office

Manas comes to office and finds his card and keys are both missing. He says RV that something wrong has happened in the office.

RV Gets Doctor

RV says Manas that Ishaani's health is important more than anything now. He gets doctor, who says she had an allergy.

RV Takes Care Of Ishaani

RV takes care of Ishaani and asks Parul to get milk for her. Seeing this Ishaani's brothers are happy.

Why Ishaani Asks For Divorce

Ishaani should be happy now, but she is seen asking divorce. Why?


Ishaani says Manas that to save RV she will go to jail. Why did she say so when Ishaani wants divorce from RV?

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