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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Oh God! Gopi Makes Paridhi Drink Buttermilk Mixed With Phenyl!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Kokila (Rupal Patel) forces Meera to do household works. While Vidya easily manages to do any work, Meera either spoils the work or messes up with the family members while doing the work.

Rashi, who had got injured because of Meera, is in recovery mode. For this incident, as we all know the whole family, especially, Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) and Jigar had blindly blamed Paridhi (Lovey Sasan) and had not given a chance for her to speak a word.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Isn't Kokila Too Loud & Harsh To Meera?

When the whole family members tries to forget the incident Paridhi is still upset and doesn't have food. Though Jigar calls her for having food, she doesn't go.

On the other hand, Gopi will be asked to have buttermilk by Kokila and even Rashi will be asked the same. While Gopi take the same glass to Paridhi, Rashi spills the buttermilk down and the glass breaks.

Paridhi speaks rudely to everyone, even to Gopi and Jiagar. Later, Gopi asks Jigar to leave the place and says that she will manage. Unaware of the poisoned buttermilk, Gopi asks Tolu-Molu to eld Paridhi's hand and forces Paridhi to drink.

While Paridhi tries to say that something is amiss in the buttermilk, Gopi doesn't stop. But after drinking Paridhi feels like vomiting and smells the glass. Gopi gets to know that the buttermilk was mixed with phenyl.

Well, who could have don't this? Meera? All our eyes are set on Meera as she had previously tried to mix soap solution in kheer, worm in dough and now she was the one who was asked to mop the floor with water and phenyl.

But why did Meera didn't react when Gopi missed drinking poisoned buttermilk? Why did Rashi through the buttermilk? Did she know the buttermilk was poisoned?


Meera will be caught by Gopi as she tries to mix worm in dough.


Kokila asks Meera not to fight with Gopi and Vidya. She assigns kitchen work to Vidya, while cleaning work to Meera.

Meera Mixes Phenyl

As per Kokila's instruction, Meera mixes Phenyl in water to clean the floors.


Paridhi and Jigar have argument, when the latter calls Paridhi for having food.


Kokila asks Gopi to drink the buttermilk, while seeing Jigar, Gopi stops. She takes the same buttermilk for Paridhi unaware of the fact that it is mixed with phenyl.


Rashi will be asked to drink the poisoned buttermilk, but she resists. She drops the glass down, which shocks Vidya.


Gopi forces Paridhi to drink the poisoned milk and later is shocked to see Paridhi vomit as she smells phenyl.

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