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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ashok’s Final Attack On Ishitia-Shagun To Be Deadly; Duo To Fight A Crocodile!

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ashok has come to know that Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) is alive and is trying to expose her. He wants to prove that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is lying to her husband, Raman (Karan Patel), so that Raman would throw her out of the house. By doing this, Ashok is taking revenge on Ishita as she didn't help him in killing Raman, and instead saved him.

Shagun, Ishita, Prateek and Abhishek are finding way to know about Ashok's informer in the house who is helping Ashok. But, before they could find the person, Ashok finds out about Shagun, and their plan backfires.

After knowing about Shagun, Ashok blackmails Ishita that he will kill Shagun and her kids, if Ishita doesn't help him in killing Raman. Ishita plans to throw a dummy from the hill, but instead Ashok foils Ishita's plan again, by sending Raman to the spot.

Since Ashok knew Ishita would not kill Raman, he sends the informer to the spot. Just when the informer was about to run a truck on Raman, Ishita saves Raman, and both of them fall from the cliff and hang on a tree. Abhishek reaches the spot, and fights with Ashok. Abhishek, also gets his rescue team and save Raman and Ishita.

Ishita is angry on Ashok's attack and warns him, but the latter threatens her to expose her plan to Raman. Ishita challenges and gives him four chances to expose her plan to Raman.

Ashok's first step, which was showing Shagun's pictures to Raman and proving that she is alive goes in vain. Ishita, who is happy with Ashok's first failure, is unaware of his other steps.

Ashok, through the informer makes Ashok's pet dog Muttu go violent and bite Adi. Muttu would also attack Ishita, who loved him a lot. This makes Ishita's mother to recall Shagun's spirit and provokes Mrs Bhalla and Raman to take Ishita to priest.

Read the remaining story and the spoiler in the slides....


Raman takes some time to think of taking Ishita to priest. Meanwhile, Ruhi will be attacked by the informer, when Ishita is away.


Ruhi will also identify the person as some woman with long hair, that makes Raman doubt on Shagun's spirit in Ishita. Raman also finds Ishita's mangalsutra in the place where Ruhi was attacked, and questions her.


Ishita would have got a call from Shagun, who had asked her to meet immediately. Shagun and Prateek ask her about Muttu and confirm that Ashok is the person who had attacked them.

Mrs Bhalla

Mrs Bhalla will be seen taking care of Ruhi who was scared because of the attack, while Amma again brings Shagun's spirit topic into discussion. Simmi worries about Ishita.


On the other hand, Ashok goes to the priest and tells about his friend's (Raman) wife (Ishita) being possessed with Shagun's spirit. Baba asks him to bring her, but Ashok asks Baba to call her on his behalf.


Ashok calls Ishita and provokes her. Ashok tells Ishita that he is aware of Muttu attacking her and Adi, also Ruhi attacked by an unknown person. Ashok also reminds Ishita of his attacks and challenge.


In the upcoming episode, we will see Ishita getting to go to Ruhi to give her favourite sandwich, but Raman stops her. Has Ashok succeeded with his plan? We think no, as Ashok has planned some deadly attack on Ishita.

Ishita In Danger

In the upcoming episode, Shagun will fall into a river to hide herself from Raman! But, she will be drowning in the water and Ishita will jump into the river to save Shagun.

Ishita-Shagun To Fight A Crocodile!

While Ishita and Shagun are busy to come out of water, a crocodile will be approaching them! Seeing which, Ishita will stand in front of the crocodile. Oops, Scary!

Ishita In Trouble Because Of Ashok!

Where did the crocodile come from? Is this a part of Ashok's plan? It has to be seen how Ishita and Shagun escape and come out of water. Will Ishita and Shagun's plan be exposed? Will Ishita lose the challenge to Ashok?

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