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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita To Slap Shagun Too!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) has always believed that Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) should be given a second chance to change. But the latest turn of events has proved to her that Shagun will never change. Spoilers say that she will soon be slapping her and throwing her out of her house.

Shagun's recent plot in trying to make Ishita the scapegoat backfired on her. When she tried to declare to everyone that it was all Ishita's fault that Rinki's wedding came to a halt in the last minute. But when Ishita tries to correct the situation by making Mihir mary Rinki, Shagun panics and tries to stop it.

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While Ishita figures out at this point of time that Shagun can never change and that she can never want anything good happen to anyone, Romi will save the day by bringing proof to show that it was all Shagun's plan to keep Amritha away just until the last minute so the wedding gets stopped at the mandap and not earlier.

All hell breaks lose for Shagun and she will be slapped by Toshi and thrown out by Raman. Even though she has managed to keep Aditya as her shield to make her way back into their lives, this time around, Raman choses to not give in to his love over his son. After Toshi slapping Shagun and throwing her out of the mandap after this, Ishita will be seen slapping her before throwing her out of their lives permanently.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's perfect bahu, Ishita, had argued and given her very best and convinced everyone to allow Shagun into their house again. It did not take long for her to realise her mistake. Shagun starts to show her true nature soon after by starting her tricks to create chaos. And now with her caught red handed, Ishita finally believes that Shagun can never change and that she just has to be removed from their lives.

Here are the snapshots of the latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein where Shagun's true colors are revealed.

Ishita To Slap Shagun

Shagun's true colors has come out into open finally and everyone now know Shagun's intentions. Shagun was slapped by Toshi and thrown out of the mandap. Spoilers say Ishita too will slap Shagun.

Ishita Tries To Solve Rinki's Issue

Ishita will be seen trying to solve Rinki's problem. She will walk up to Mihir and ask him to marry Rinki as she thinks they are good friends and they can make a good couple.

Mihir Shocked

Mihir though promised Ishita that he can give his life for her, he gets shocked when she realises what she was asking from him.

Mihika Stunned

Mihika too gets stunned when Ishita asks Mihir to marry Rinki. Though Mihika has married Ashok, she did it just to keep Mihir safe and she still loves Mihir.

Shagun Tries To Stop Mihir

Shagun will be seen trying to stop Mihir from agreeing to marry Rinki. She will try to pull Mihir away from the mandap too.

Ishita Convinces Mihir

Ishita will try to make Mihir understand that Rinki and he are both broken with their heart failures and that they are good friends who can stay together happily.

Rinki Heartbroken

Rinki will be seen crying her eyes out after her heart breaking. She will declare to Ishita that she trusts her and that she will do anything she asks her to do.

Ishita Snaps At Shagun

Ishita will be seen putting Shagun in her place. She will make sure she reminds Shagun that minutes before she was seen trying to portray as someone who cares about Rinki.

Shagun Keeps Trying

Shagun will be seen trying to make Mihir not agree to marry Rinki. She will be seen telling Mihir that it is a very big decision and that he does not have to do it.

Mihir Agrees To Marry

Mihir informs Shagun that he does not care about her and that he will be marrying Rinki.

Mihir Convinces Rinki

Mihir will be seen convincing Rinki that no matter what has happened in their lives they have always remained good friends and that they have to give their marriage a try.

Romi Comes Clean

Romi will be seen coming clean. He will decide to tell everyone the real reason why he stole the money. he will also tell everyone that it was Shagun who created the doctor and made him steal.

Shagun Gets Slapped

Toshi will be seen slapping Shagun for hurting her children repeatedly. She will ask Raman to throw her out.

Aditya Enters

Right when Raman throws Shagun out of the mandap, Aditya comes. He will see his mother being thrown out. Raman decides to ignore him.

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