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Oh No! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Shagun To Find Ishita And Ruhi In Mihika's House!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Ruhi will be getting themselves into danger trying to evade the police at the airport. Mihika, who happens to be at the airport at the time will save the mother and daughter from falling under a fast moving bus and takes them home. But, spoilers say Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will be finding them there!

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Ishita, who tried her best to keep Shagun from taking Ruhi will end up running away from home to prevent getting separated from her daughter. Ishita leaves home with Ruhi without informing anyone and tries to fly to Mumbai but fail. They will just manage to escape from the police inside the airport and end up getting saved by Mihika.

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Mihika will then be taking Ishita and Ruhi to her house as Ashok is out of station. Ishita resists the help at first but ends up taking Mihika's help for Ruhi's sake.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's spoilers say that Ishita will be falling sick after reaching Mihika's house and that Shagun will be landing in Mihika's house to take Ruhi away. Will Shagun manage to take Ruhi away from Ishita after all? Let's wait and watch the show to see if Ishita manages to keep Ruhi safe from Shagun.

Shagun To Reach Ishita And Ruhi

Spoilers say that Shagun will be finding Ruhi and Ishita in Mihika's house and with Ishita unwell to keep Ruhi safe, Shagun will be taking away Ruhi.

Reached Airport

Ishita and Ruhi reach airport successfully. Ishita will even evade Ruhi's questions successfully until then, but when they reach there she finds it difficult.

Police Searching For Them

With Shagun filing a complaint against Ishita, there will be police searching for Ishita and Ruhi at the airport.

Ishita Hides Ruhi

Ishita will be seen hiding Ruhi from the police and tries to evade them and escape. She will not be able to board the flight because of this.

Ishita Hides

Seeing police trying to find them, Ishita hides herself and Ruhi from them. She will would have informed Ruhi that this is all a reality show.


Sarika finds Ishita at the airport trying to hdie away from the police. Though she sees them, she will inform them that she hasn't.

Ishita Determined

Ishita gets more determined to keep Ruhi safe with her. She will decide to leave the airport and hide in Delhi itself.


Outside the airport, Ishita and Ruhi get run down by a fast moving bus, but Mihika will save them from it at the last minute.

Raman Searching

Raman and the rest of the family will still be searching for Ishita and Ruhi everywhere.

Aditya Supports Ishita

Shagun gets irritated when she finds Aditya trusting Ishita and that Ruhi will be safe anywhere she is as long as she is with her Ishima.

Shagun Pressurises Raman

Shagun will call Raman and pressurise Raman to find Ruhi as soon as possible and hand her back to her.

Mihika Saves Ishita And Ruhi

Mihika will be seen saving Ishita and Ruhi and will ask them to come to her house. Ishita hesitates due to their previous interaction.

Ruhi Asks Ishita

When Ruhi asks Ishita if they can go to Mihika's house, Ishita decides to agree and goes to Mihika's house. This is were she will be found by Shagun.

Raman Gets To Know Too

While Raman gets to know that Ishita and Ruhi are at Ashok and Mihika's house, Shagun manages to get her hands on Ruhi before that.

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