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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: With Raman Away Subbu To Make Way Into Ishita's Life?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Raman (Karan Patel) is out of the country on business and because of which Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is finding it difficult to handle the children and other issues that Raman used to handle till now. Subbu (Amit Tandon) will be seen making way into Ishita's life and the Bhalla family helping them out with issues that arise in Raman's absence.

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Raman has finally confessed his love to his wife Ishita and because of this the two have been living in a bubble unaware of anything that is happening around them, especially Ishita. She has been unable to concentrate on anything other than Raman and has been missing him ever since he left.

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Subbu was seen sweeping in to help Ishita at choosing a bat for Aditya. Latest rumours say, with Param re-entering the show and Ashok and Shagun planning to take away the kids from Ishita, there are going to be a number of issues Ishita and the Bhalla family will be seen facing in the near future. Not only that, Subbu will be the one to help the family, especially Ishita at these times of difficulties.

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With Raman away, Subbu will be soon becoming the pillar of strength to Ishita and so their closeness will be seen increasing over time. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's upcoming scenario will have Subbu coming in the way of Raman and Ishita's love life.

Subbu To Make Way Into Ishita's Life?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Subbu will be seen making way into Ishita's life with Raman away for work. Ishita will be seen facing a number of issues soon.

Ishita Distracted

Ishita was seen distracted after Raman leaves giving away to everyone that Raman has finally confessed his love to her.

Mihir And Rinki

Mihir and Rinki's trouble will reach Ishita and she will be seen asking Mihir to give her some space so she can come around on her own.

Ishita And The Kids

After Raman leaves, both Aditya and Ruhi will be seen coming to Ishita. The two will receive a message from Raman and they will get to know about Raman's confession.

Ashok And Shagun Plan

Ashok and Shagun will be seen plotting to get the kids away from Ishita now since Raman is away. They decide to create a distraction so they can gets their hands on the kids.

Ishita's Plan

Ishita will be seen planning to get Rinki and Mihir back together. She along with Romi, Simmi and Mihika plan to bring in a marriage proposal for Mihir.

Rinki's Overhears

Rinki will overhear about the proposal for Mihir. She will get to hear that there are people waiting to get married to Mihir if in case she choses to leave him.

Ishita Missing Raman

Ishita will be seen missing Raman badly after he leaves. She will be missing him when doing Ruhi's project and also when Aditya asks for a cricket bat.

Subbu Helps Ishita

With Raman away Ishita will be seen facing difficulty handling the kids. She will get confused when Aditya would need a bat and this is when Subbu will make his way.

Shagun - Param

After Ashok and Shagun decide to create a distraction so they can get to the kids, Shagun will decide to bring Param into the picture.

Param Comes To Bhalla House

Param will be seen coming to the Bhalla house and talking to Ishita in the upcoming episode. He will be seen talking to her with confidence since Raman is not there.

Ishita Helpless?

Param will be assuming Ishita has no support with Raman out of the country. Spoilers say Subbu will help Ishita in dealing with Param in the upcoming episodes.

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