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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: OMG! Ranaji Shoots His Father, Sartaj?

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In the latest episode of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, we saw Sartaj revealing the big secret to Badi Rani Maa. He discloses that Ranaji (Siddhant Karnick) is his son. He also tells her, of his deal with Raaj Mata. Badi Rani Maa's happiness knows no bounds, after listening to this.

She offers to save Sartaj's life in return for his loyalty. Meanwhile, Raaj Mata makes arrangements for Makar Sankranti. She asks Gayatri (Drashti Dhami) to fly kites with Ranaji as it teaches people to balance things in life. Raaj Mata also tells Gayatri that Sartaj will die on such a great day.

Badi Rani Maa

Badi Rani Maa tells Gayatri that she should think about what needs to be done. The new day will either fill Ranaji's life with sunshine or make him a sinner, for killing his father.


Sartaj escapes from the jail. Ranaji follows him with his soldiers and finds him in the jungle. He asks Sartaj to stop and warns of shooting him.

Ranaji Shoots

Ranaji shoots Sartaj but the bullet hits someone else. It is yet to be seen who will become the victim of Ranaji's bullet.

Gayatri Is Shocked

Gayatri is taken aback to know that Ranaji shot Sartaj. She now knows that Sartaj is Ranaji's real father. She doesn't want Ranaji to commit the sin of killing his father.

Gayatri And Ranaji

Gayatri and Ranaji will be seen flying kites together. But, their romance will be short-lived as Rajeshwari will interfere and try to hurt Gayatri.


Rajeshwari hurts Gayatri by cutting her neck with the kite's string. Ranaji is shocked to see Gayatri bleeding. He immediately treats her.

Gayatri Exposes Rajeshwari

Gayatri learns of Rajeshwari's intentions and tries to expose her. But, she has to face a lot of trouble before exposing her. How will Gayatri be successful in this mission?

On the other side, Badi Rani Maa starts dreaming of the royal throne. She wants to make Ranaji, Gayatri and Raaj Mata her puppets. Meanwhile, Sartaj attempts suicide. Raaj Mata asks him why he is in such a hurry beacuse anyway, he is going to die soon.

Sartaj tells her that he is a sinner and he doesn't want his son, Ranaji, to be a sinner. He asks her to kill him anytime and anywhere, but not by his own son. Gayatri gets him water. Raaj Mata tells Gayatri that Sartaj is just acting fake.

Gayatri tells her that they must tell everything to Ranaji so that he doesn't commit the sin of killing his father. Raaj Mata disagrees. Badi Rani Maa is happy to see differences between Raaj Mata and Gayatri. Gayatri thinks that she is unable to stop her husband from commiting a sin.

If she tells Ranaji about the truth then he would break down. And if she hides it, then he would become a sinner. Badi Rani Maa comes to Gayatri and tells her that Ranaji shouldn't kill Sartaj, because he is Ranaji's father. Gayatri is taken aback thinking how Badi Rani Maa knows about it.

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