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Jana Na Dil Se Door To Witness A New Entry; Guddi’s Murder Mystery Continues!

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In Jana Na Dil Se Door, Vividha's sister Guddi's death has shocked everybody. It has to be recalled that Guddi fell in love with Ravish, and she had revealed the same to Vividha.

Vividha decides to send Guddi back to her house. But, Guddi doesn't want to leave without Ravish (Shashank Vyas)! She decides to expose Atharv and Vividha's secret, so that her line gets cleared. By exposing Vividha, Guddi can convince the family that Vividha still loves Atharv and not Ravish, so Guddi can marry Ravish easily. Check out the latest updates and spoilers with pictures...

Suman/Daddy ji – Who Killed Guddi?

Everyone in the house is under the scanner. Daddy ji is seen applying balm on the hands, while Suman is seen discussing with Daddy ji that Guddi was eyeing Ravish.

Suman & Daddy ji

Suman reveals that she overheard Guddi telling she loves Ravish. Daddy ji even tells that he also knew about Guddi's intention, but didn't want to worry Suman.

Has Suman Killed Guddi?

Daddy ji tells Suman that it is not fair to come to conclusion. But, Suman says that on hearing Guddi's words, she got wild and she couldn't control her anger.


Suman says that she didn't want her son's life to get spoiled because of another woman. Daddy ji even asks Suman whether she is behind Guddi's incident, but Suman only tells him that she doesn't want anybody to come in between Ravish and Vividha!

Warning Note

Meanwhile, someone warns Vividha by sending a letter and scaring her with a scorpion. The note warned her from further investigating the case. The note also says that if she did, she will also die in the same way as her sister Guddi!


On the other hand, Kailash is shown taking off his bandages and warning Atharv. It has to be recalled that Kailash has been missing ever since Vividha and Ravish got married. Why was Kailash blaming Atharv for his condition?

Ravish & Vividha

Ravish doubts Atharv as he is mentally unstable. He wants to take Atharv's fingerprints, but Sujatha refuses. Vividha doesn't think Atharv has killed Guddi, but agrees to get Atharv's fingerprints as Ravish convinces her.

Has Atharv Killed Guddi?

Atharv tells Vividha that he is the black cat. He wears the mask and enacts how he killed Guddi. He also tells her that how Guddi struggled, but he didn't let her go and pushed her from the stairs! Does this mean Atharv killed Guddi or was he only kidding?

Atharv’s Fingerprints

Atharv's fingerprints are taken in front of the family members, while Sujatha is shocked seeing the same. Apparently, Atharv's fingerprint matches with the one on Guddi's neck!

New Entry

Also, there are reports that Kalindi's ex-boyfriend played by Ajay Arya will come back into her life to help her get the property. Ajay will play a negative role in the show.

On getting to know that Guddi is leaving, Bhoomi's husband, Vipul confronts Guddi. Bhoomi fumes seeing Guddi and Vipul together.

Meanwhile, Atharv also reveals to Vividha that Bhoomi was staring at Guddi in anger. She also had a knife in her hand. Also, Vividha gets the cat's fur on Bhoomi's scarf. So, Vividha is now suspicious about Bhoomi! Vividha thinks that Vipul was eyeing Guddi, and so Bhoomi might have killed Guddi!

The police informs the house members that there are fingerprints on Guddi's neck. They believes that someone might have suffocated Guddi to death. The police take the fingerprints of the house members, but Bhoomi escapes due to her hand being burnt.

Vividha accuses Bhoomi, while Ravish confirms that Bhoomi has not killed Guddi.

Vividha and Ravish confront Atharv about the black cat. Atharv reveals to them that the black cat pushed Guddi to death.

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