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SHOCKING! Yeh Vaada Raha’s Actors Sonal Vengurlekar & Ankush Arora Slap Each Other!

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Yeh Vaada Raha's actors Ankush Arora and Sonal Vengurlekar recently got into news. Apparently, the actors lost their cool and slapped each other! Read on to know what made the actors so angry...

According to a report from an entertainment portal, the actors were rehearsing a scene and when the director called for action, Sonal was busy with her lines did not respond immediately. This made Ankush wild, and he spoke in a rude manner to Sonal!

Read On To Know What Really Happened (Another Side Of Story)

What Really Happened!

A reliable source was quoted by Tellychakkar as saying, "When the police personnels arrived and Sonal wanted the arrest of Ankush to happen, many of the technicians present on the set and few senior actors did stand up for Ankush, saying that he was apparently provoked to take the ultimate action of slapping her."

The Source Further Added...

"Since there were many evidences present to prove that Ankush was not guilty, the police apparently left the place without investigating into the case further."

Soni Singh

Soni Singh, who plays the role of Kalindini on the show YVR, was quoted by the entertainment portal as saying, "See, we all have bad temper which can get flared up amidst a heated argument. God knows how it started between Ankush and Sonal, but whatever happened was very sad, considering the clean environment that the production house provides us."

Soni Says Ankush Is A Nice Person....

She said that Ankush is a very nice person and decent enough to know his boundaries. When the police came, she and Rinkuji requested them to hear both versions of the story carefully and then decide.

Soni Feels Issue Should Be Sorted On The Set

She feels that the matter needs to get sorted on the set, and addressing such issues openly, is actually not called for!

Rinku Karmarkar

Rinku Karmarkar, who plays the role of Tai, was quoted by Tellychakkar as saying, "Well, when the fight between them started, I was not on the set. Nothing happened in front of me to be honest."


She said that she has seen in her career, she has seen worst cases wherein the actors refuse to share screen space after the fights. But she is happy that Ankush and Sonal resolved matters, and got back to the shoot soon.

Rinku Says She Supports The Right Things...

She further said, "I believe that what is right should be narrated in the right manner. It does not mean to pull down the other person, but it is about supporting the right things. When the police came in, based on what I was told, I stood by what is right."


Ankush, who was upset with the incident said, "I really do not want to comment anything on the incident as the story and the incident that happened have been disheartening for me".

Ankush Upset

He further added, "To get the true story, you can ask anyone on the set. There were actually 70 odd people present; you can ask them who is right and who is wrong. As for me, I really do not want to talk about it."

This resulted in an argument. Ankush reportedly used abusive language, which didn't go well with Sonal and she slapped him hard! And Ankush too, slapped her back. Sonal even called the police!

It was said that Sonal only agreed after the team sorted the issue. But, Sonal wanted Ankush to make a public apology, which the actor did (owing to the pressure put by the production).

Later, the actors resumed after a hand shake!

Is this it? Well, as we all know, every story has two angles ....

Well, after the police entered the scene, it seems something else happened! Ankush was supported by the senior actors and the police didn't interfere in the case!

According to the recent reports by the entertainment portal, there were many evidences around the sets that proved Ankush innocent. Apparently, the actors of YVR, Rinku Karmarkar (Tai) and Soni Singh (Kalindini), requested the police not to take further action against Ankush.

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