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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi NEW PROMO: Ishwari Is Determined To Re-unite Dev & Sonakshi!

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In Sony's popular soap Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, fans are eagerly awaiting Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi's much-awaited re-union. Ishwari seems to have developed a liking towards Sonakshi after she saved her from Khatri.

Ishwari is grateful towards Sonakshi for the same and invites the Bose family over dinner and excitedly overlooks all the preparations. (Check out the latest spoiler below).

Picture Perfect

In the upcoming episodes, Dev, Sona and Soha will be seen spending some good time together. Ishwari will become a witness to the moment and Dev will think of capturing the 'family moment' and insists Ishwari to join them for a selfie.

Ishwari & Sonakshi

Ishwari will oblige for a picture, but will continue to stare at Sonakshi. Dev clicks a selfie. While Dev, Soha and Sona will happily engage in a conversation regarding the picture, Ishwari look at them lovingly.

Ishwari Bonds With Sonakshi

Not only that, Ishwari and Sonakshi will be seen having an emotional conversation over a cup of coffee in the forthcoming episodes. Ishwari will apologize to Sonakshi for not understanding her in the past.

Sonakshi's Reply

Sonakshi will tell that they cannot blame one person for all the happenings in the past, as they are equally involved in their separation. She will even tell that, their re-union is not so easy.

Ishwari's Decision

The new promo of the show is out. As per the promo, Ishwari wants the happiness back in her family and will finally accept Sonakshi wholeheartedly. She will be determined to re-unite Dev and Sonakshi.

Durjoy Datta's Tweet

A few days ago, Durjoy Datta, screenplay writer of the show had tweeted, "A new phase about to start in KRPKAB!" Is he hinting at Dev and Sonakshi's re-union?

Will Ishwari Be Successful?

Will Ishwari be able to re-unite the duo? Stay tuned to know...

In The Last Episode...

Both the Bose and the Dixit families are seen have a conversation, while the power goes off. Golu and Suhana light the candles. The kids suggest everyone to play the game of hide-and-seek. The rest of the members hide, while Ishwari has taken the initiative of finding everyone.

Meanwhile, Dev and Sona are at the garden where Sona gets hurt by the swing. Dev tends to her and gently massages her legs and the duo engage in a friendly conversation which is noticed by Ishwari. Later, Radha Rani's friend Kalpana and her daughter Arti arrive at the do.

Radha Rani reveals that she has invited the mother-daughter duo arrive at the do, as she finds Aarti perfect for Dev. Ishwari gets annoyed and tells her that she shouldn't have as Sona's family might feel uncomfortable.

Dev overhears their conversation and is surprised to see Ishwari talking good things about Sonakshi and also defending Sonakshi in front of Radha Rani. Later, the families proceed for dinner.

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