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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai SPOILER: Naira Wants To Fulfil Akshara’s Dream; But Dadi Stops Her!

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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and Kartik (Mohsin Khan) are happily married, but they are going through a tough time in Goenka house.

Naira is trying to impress Kartik's Dadi, while Kartik goes against his wish, and quits Singhania's business. He joins Goenka business as the family is going through a tough time because of Kriti's husband Aditya. Will Naira and Kartik sacrifice their dreams to meet Dadi's expectations? Read on...

Naira Gets Ready To Dance

According to the latest promo, Naira is excited as she is all set to fulfil her and her mother Akshara's dream - dancing. She wears gunghru and gets ready to dance!

Dadi Stops Naira From Dancing

But, Dadi stops Naira from fulfilling Akshara's dream. She warns Naira that Goenka's bahu doesn't dance.

Naira Upset

She throws the gunghru and tells Naira that now she is not Singhania daughter, but is Goenka bahu. Naira gets upset with Dadi's words.

Will Kartik Help Naira?

Also, the promo shows, Kartik picking the gunghru. Will he help Naira to fulfil her dream? As Kartik knows both Naira and Akshara from before, he knows what dance means for Naira.

Kartik Had Helped Naira Previously

In fact, Kartik had helped Naira in registering her name in the dance academy even after the due date ended! Since Kartik has always supported Naira in her good work, we assume, it will be Kartik who will help Naira to fulfil her mother's dream.


But, what about Dadi! Already Dadi doesn't have good impression on Naira. If Naira goes against Dadi and dances, won't it affect her and Dadi's relationship?

Mahabhog Drama At Goenka Housev

Also in the upcoming episode, the family will get ready for ‘mahabhog'. The family has been following the tradition of inviting the Brahmans for food.

Brahmans Invited

The Goenka bahus would prepare food for the Brahmans and take their blessings. Dadi wants Naira to continue this ritual.

Naira To Follow The Ritual

Naira overhears Dadi telling Suvarna that she can't expect Naira to fulfil this ritual. It is then Naira decides to prepare food for the Brahmans on her own and impress Dadi!

Naira Cooks Food

According to the latest spoiler, Naira will be seen cooking food for the Brahmans but in the middle of her work, she gets Kartik's call who is in Delhi.

Naira Gets Kartik’s Call

Naira forgets about what she was doing and gets busy talking with Kartik. This spoils the dish. Well, we assume Suvarna will come to Naira's rescue. She might help Naira in cooking!

Dancers’ Drama At Goenka House During Mahabhog

Also, there will be another drama during the ‘mahabhog'. Apparently, Goenka's would have called the dancers, but the dancers gets swapped (Singhania's dancers would by mistake go to the Goenka house).

Will Brahmans’ Like The Food?

Apparently, Naira will impress Dadi as Brahmans' are happy with food. They even praise Naira. Stay locked to this space for the latest updates of the show...

Story So Far...

As Kartik joins Goenkas family business, Naira decides to make him happy by preparing a special dish for him. Kartik asks for 'chole bhature'. Naira is excited and manages to get recipe from Singhanias. She makes a list and asks the servant to get the ingredients.
But, Surekha changes the ingredients saying Goenkas do not eat such food. Because of this, Naira will not be able to prepare the food in the house.

She rushes to the dhabha and prepares 'chole bhature' for Kartik. After much delay, they have the food together but in Singhania house.

Dadi, who will be waiting for Naira and Kartik, gets angry after getting to know that the duo is in Singhania house. Even Surekha would have said something against Naira, this irks Dadi, and she lashes out at her. Naira ignores Dadi's scolding.

On the other hand, Kartik refuses to go to Delhi with his father Manish and asks his chachu to accompany him. This upsets Manish.

Meanwhile, Naitik gets a message from Naira's dance academy and informs Naira the same. Naira will be happy that she can fulfil her and Akshara's dream now!

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