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      Bigg Boss OTT: Times When The Housemates Went Over-The-Top With Their Fights


      Bigg Boss OTT is incomplete without...of course, it's over-the-top fights! We have all seen the ugliest fights in the house but it's time to highlight the fights that have taken place for unusual things. Well, it's an easy guess that this season we have witnessed it all from age shaming to period shaming to fighting over petty issues. Looks like all the contestants are ready to highlight their presence on screen without missing out on any chance.

      Let's have a look at the times when the housemates fought over unusual things in the house:

      1. Akshara Singh's and Shamita Shetty's tiff over a bottle of salt! I mean... Come On!

      A Bigg Boss OTT follower would know the cold war between Shamita Shetty and Akshara Singh. It's evident that one's presence in the house pricks the other. Well, why do you think that is... because both the strong-headed contestants fought on 'where was the salt kept in the kitchen'. When Akshara has asked Shamita, the latter rudely responded, "It's not my kitchen and I am not responsible for kitchen duties. Find it yourself."


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      2. Shamita Shetty was questioned for not picking up her teacup! It happens to the best of us... Right?

      Well, Pratik Sahejpal is the one who's been picking fights with almost everyone in the Bigg Boss OTT house! Recently, he questioned the ex-boss lady, Shamita Shetty for leaving her teacup in the bathroom area. He further questions her hygiene manners which leads to a massive argument between the two. Shamita kept instigating him and said, "I am the boss lady and I can do whatever I want to." We all are aware of their equation in the house as these two have had friction since the premiere day. Everyone's quite excited to see what the journey unfolds for them.


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      3. Ridhima was called Kaamchor... Fair?

      Ridhima Pandit recently lost her calm when Pratik Sehajpal tagged her Kaamchor during the Panchayat task & to top it all, he was continuously instigating her, while she was defending herself during the task. The temperature of the house soared high with their heated argument. Do you think Ridhima's outburst was justified?


      4. Divya Agarwal was made fun of when she was on her period!
      Neha Bhasin was seen making fun of Divya Agarwal when she was on her period in the Bigg Boss OTT house. The former asked Divya to stop playing the woman card to which Divya's beau Varun Sood and his sister came in support of her on social media handles. Do you think what Neha did was right...?

      Witnessing such fights at the very beginning of the season makes it evident that Bigg Boss OTT is going to get more and more interesting and dramatic by the day delivering over the top 24X7 entertainment. Catch unfiltered drama on Voot and Voot Select exclusively 24x7 LIVE channel and Monday to Sunday at 7 PM.

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