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      Asur Web Series Review: Arshad Warsi And Barun Sobti Take You On A Thrilling Ride


      Available On: Voot Select

      Language: Hindi

      Duration: 7 Episodes/ 43 Minutes

      Story: Asur follows a CBI officer from the world of science into mythology. The show brings a good blend of crime thrillers and mythological stories. The combination is just freaky enough to make the thriller more interesting.

      asur web series review

      Review: Directed by Oni Sen, Asur manages to keep you hooked on till the end. Every episode has key moments that keep you wanting for more information and in the first episode, the director drops a twist. Throughout the show, we get to see several twists but none match the first none.

      At the start of every episode, you get to meet the killer, understand a little more about his past and sympathise with him. But his gruesome acts and twisted mind quickly makes you cringe at this personality.

      At first, we get to meet the killer, as he drags his victim while wearing a mask and dumps her body out in a remote area. The coordinates of the location are sent to Nikhil (played by Barun Sobti), a former CBI forensic expert who has also worked with the FBI and now is a professor in the States. After getting several anonymous messages about dead bodies co-ordinates, he decides its time to go come back to CBI.

      Meanwhile, we are introduced to Nikhil's colleague and mentor Dhananjay aka DJ (played by Arshad Warsi) and the two have a difficult relationship due to past differences. But despite it all, Nikhil steps up to lead the investigation when DJ gets pushed out of the game.

      asur review

      While Oni Sen keeps the audience engaged at the start and end of every episode, halfway through other scenes begin to feel like fillers. The forensic knowledge is easy to accept only when the actors seem well worse with it. Few characters come off as cliche's from the shows based in the US and UK. For example, the digital forensics guy who states facts, and the helpful female friend. Though forgettable, everyone has a role to play in the game started by the killer.

      Several subplots miss the mark, like the love triangle between Nikhil, his wife and colleague. There are also several loopholes and rookie mistakes in the show's screenplay and direction. The video shared by the killer also raises some questions about the case which the leading investigator does not ask at any point.

      asur review

      Despite all the little things, the show is still enjoyable because of how the director incorporates it's 'oomph' factor. The best part is after every scientific revelation, the story brings in a mystic element adding to the psychological factor to the thriller. The whodunit might be easier for some to solve, but it will still keep you waiting and watching till the end.

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