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This Is Why Pawan Kalyan Should Endorse Salman Khan's Being Human!

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Isn't it a brilliant idea to choose Pawan Kalyan as the face of Salman Khan's Being Human brand? From past few days, this has been the talk on social networking platforms, ever since  Pawan Kalyan met his fan, Srija, after her recovery from the dreadful disease. Some of the enthusiastic fans came up with this unique thought.

Power star Pawan Kalyan is not just a superstar, he always makes sure that his fans beam with pride, with his utmost geniune behavior. More than his films, his simplicity has brought him the untouchable fame in the Telugu land.

Pawan is a hero with a social responsibility. Wait! we better say he is a man with great social responsibility and hence called as a hero. 

We have seen Superstar Mahesh Babu endorsing a social cause, MARD, which was again initiated by another Bollywood star, Farhan Akhtar. So, why not Pawan Kalyan lead the brand Being Human, is what the thought is. 

When we heard about the idea, we couldn't agree more. Don't you also think so? Read the reasons below and you'll surely concur. 

What Is Being Human?

"Being Human Foundation is a registered charitable trust set up by Salman Khan for helping the cause of the underprivileged. In its early days, Salman Khan set up and funded the Foundation using his own money. The Foundation has two focus areas: Education and Healthcare. To increase the reach and corpus of the Foundation, Salman Khan has undertaken initiatives such as Being Human Art; Being Human merchandise; and Being Human Gitanjali Gold Coins." - Source: Wikipedia

Pawan Kalyan Popularity

It is known that Pawan Kalyan enjoys massive fan following down South. Any step he takes shall be adorned by lakhs of people and hence if he stands by a cause like Being Human it is more than amazing.

Pawan Kalyan The Most Influential

Being popular is totally different from being influential. One must not blindly follow all the popular people instead we automatically walk in the path of influential people. Pawan is one such person.

Pawan Kalyan - Not For Money

Pawan Kalyan use to endorse brands like Pepsi and in fact he is the first ever brand ambassador of Pepsi down South. But it is past, now he doesn't endorse products for money. So why not he does it for good?

Pawan Kalyan's Honesty

It is obvious that Pawan Kalyan will only stand by the honesty, such is the impression he has earned in Telugu land, over the years.

Similarities With Salman Khan

The two famous personalities are quite similar for their gutsy and hard hitting nature. Their kindness and philanthropic side matches well too, though Pawan Kalyan is non-controversial compared to Salman Khan.

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