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Aamir admits directing Taare Zameen Par

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Actor Aamir Khan is one of the quietest actors in Bollywood. He makes only one film a year, is not available at Bollywood functions - not even at award shows. There have rumours about a ahim splitting with his wife, directing Taare Zameen Par and many more things. Now he clears the air and lets the truth out.

You have been quiet for a long time now.
When I'm doing a film, I find myself too absorbed in it; so I'm unable to spare time for interviews. I'm not good at multitasking. Creating time for the interview is not an issue, but creating mindspace for it is. Also, I don't see the point in saying the same stuff every three weeks to different people. I'd rather be working and talk when I feel I need to.

But how do you explain the fact that people remember the one exclusive interview you decide to give?
I don't know. I'm not making an attempt to make statements that people remember. I try and give honest answers. So maybe that's why.

Last year, you gave us a double whammy with Rang De Basanti and Fanaa. One would have expected grand things of you but you turn around and sign a very small and personal film like Taare Zameen Par.
My choice of films is governed by my heart and instinct. I'm not governed by what the market demands. I loved the script of Taare Zameen Par and that's why I agreed to be a part of it. It's very simple. When I'm reading a script, I react to it as a member of the audience. If it excites me, I want to do it, irrespective of the budget.

Could it also be that since you have acquired the reputation of being different, you have to do something different each time?
I'm not trying to be different. There is no such pressure on me. I pick scripts based on what I like and the ones that I pick will be different because I follow my taste. Rang De Basanti and Lagaan were rejected by everyone, but I did them because I liked them.

So you think it's the industry's misconception to suggest you're different?
I don't know about that. All I know is that in the last six years, all my films have been diametrically different from what other people are making. Perhaps my choice is different. I do think that what you choose reflects on the kind of person you are.

In that case, you must be quite a secure actor. Rang De Basanti had six other equally important characters. Almost all other big stars had turned it down.
I don't think I'm an insecure actor. To me, filmmaking is about the film, not the individual. If I like a film, I like it because it has all the elements. If it is tampered with, its beauty will be destroyed. As an actor, I believe my job is to get the script right.

How do you explain the tags of "control freak" and "interfering actor"?
The fact is that I haven't spoken to the film media for the last 15 years. The result is that they hit out at me whenever they get a chance. Today, any and every untrue story is being reported. What's more disturbing is that even the national media has become like the film media. You must have seen that recently a film magazine carried a story on my marriage being on the rocks. Soon, the national channels also picked it up. I call that yellow journalism.

You are referring to the Stardust story. Let me first ask: is the story true? Is there trouble between your wife Kiran and you?
Not at all. That news is all wrong. It's utter crap. I don't usually comment on my personal life, but unfortunately these meaningless rumours are forcing me to comment. All this talk about my marriage being over is a figment of someone's imagination. 

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