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I have done a small part in Blood Brothers : Pankaj Kapoor

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Is it true that you and Shahid are coming up together in a film?
We are open to the idea of doing a film together provided the subject is good, director is good, and the roles that we are offered are good. So there is no reason why we won't work together. So at some point in the future it is liable to happen but when exactly and by who is not known. Rajkumar Santoshi has approached us with a subject, but nothing has been finalized and the work on the script is still going on.

What do you think about Shahid as an actor?
Shahid has great potential as an actor. For a long time he had a young, cute looking guy image, but after the release of Vivah people have started looking at him as a talented actor. I, as a father and as an actor, feel that his real potential lies in drama and the moment he gets a dramatic role, he will come out with flying colours. This is my point of view. And I also feel that now the directors and producers should give him interesting characters. He is doing well no doubt but there is something for him as an actor to do rather than just presence and dancing around which should be seen as his old days now. If a part which proves his potential as an actor comes across as an opportunity, only then will he be able to prove his talent as an actor to the audiences and producers alike. I think that is important now. Things will be said differently about his acting talent after some time. I am not saying these things just as a father but as a co-star, colleague and somebody who has seen a small boy grow up and his potential.

How is Shahid's relationship with you?
Just like how a father and son relationship should be. I advise him on his acting only when he asks me. I don't interfere in his decisions and career. It is totally up to him to choose whatever he wants to do. Because the way my father has brought me up made me believe to take your own decisions and be responsible for them. Take your decisions, learn from them and learn to stand on your own feet. This rule is what I have extended to my family. If ever a forbidden situation comes up, parents are always there to help children, but to grow up, to be on your own and to take on the world on your own you should have the confidence in yourself to do so. Nobody should spoon-feed you and tell this is right, this is wrong because everybody is different and everybody looks at life differently and nobody has the same potential. So one should realize one's potential on his own.

Which was the last film of Shahid you watched?
Vivah . I really liked the content and the message of the film, though I thought the film was a bit long. I think Shahid has done a great job in the film. Though the film belonged to the girl, Shahid did a fantastic job in whatever little he had to do. I think he got a very good role to prove himself which he has performed well.

Among all your films, which is your most favorite?
It is very difficult for me to answer this question because whatever I do I do it with the best of my abilities. It's like asking which one of your kids is your favorite. Though I can't pin-point any one, 3-4 of them are favorite because I am satisfied with them. They are- Ek Doctor Ki Maut, Maqbool , The Blue Umbrella, Dharm . These are the films that have given me certain level of satisfaction with my work.

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