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Sagar Bellary's filmi fundas... Contd

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Q: The star-cast of Bheja fry was interesting as well as talented. What about Kaccha Limboo?
A: This film is about children and the lead character is himself a teenager. I do not happen to know any child artist, but this is for sure that we are going to bring some new talented children into our film. The teachers and parents will be the known names from the industry.

Q: When you made Bheja fry, you didn't have the backing of Sahara One! So, how do you think this association will make your product 'Kachcha Limboo' different from Bheja Fry in terms of canvas and content?
A: We have certainly got a bigger budget this time which will be in the range of Rs. 4 to 5 crores. Apart from that, there is gong to be no change whatsoever.

Q: Now on a personal front - Tell us a little about yourself?
A: I'm a hard core Mumbaiite living in Mulund. I have done my schooling from Mumbai itself and the idea of becoming a director dawned on me when I was in college. At that time one of my friends brought me an offer from Zee TV. I worked as an assistant director for a children's show, which also did well. Then I joined a film institute in Kolkata to do a course in direction.

Q: So how was the experience at the institute?
A: Today, whatever I know about film making, the credit for the same goes to my institute - Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI). I really learnt a lot from Subroto Mitra, the chief cinematographer of the institute who also happens to be a world-renowned cameraman. I love the way they work in Kolkata. When we were there, we used to crib about that place; but now, since I am away from that city, I miss it a lot. And whenever I get chance, I don't forget to visit Kolkata.

Q: From a film institute to a three film deal with Sahara. How has the journey been?
A: It started off with a lot of uncertainties. I did not know what to do, but I was very sure that I wanted to make a film. It was very difficult to convince producers because people still did not recognize SRFTI too well. People thought that it is one of the private film institutes in India and every time I had to inform them that it was being run by the government of India. I'm really very thankful to Rajat Kapoor.

He took me as his chief assistant in Raghu Romeo - his first film as a director. He has so much faith in me that when I came up with Bheja Fry, he took me to the producer and guaranteed them on my behalf. It was a great boost to my confidence that a person like him was backing me in my first project.

Q: Being a student from a film institute yourself do you think that there is need for such film institutes?
A: See to be technically sound, one needs to go to a film institute. For example for a cameraman, no one is going to give you those highly priced camera's to sit on them. At the film institutes you to experiment with all these facilities. I was there for four years and all I did there was - think about making a film. Well, I do not think that to become a director you need to go to a film institute. You could also be at a jungle or some other place, but all you need to do is spend the time thinking about making a film with all your heart.


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