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SRK Opens Up On The Front Row With Anupama Chopra

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Badshah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan has long conversation with film critic Anupama Chopra on the television show called The Front Row with Anupama Chopra. This second season is breaking the format of reviews and in its very first episode, brings to you SRK .

Shahrukh talks about his upcoming action-comedy movie Chennai Express, about his newborn son AbRam, and also opens up a lot more about himself. The audience will definitely get to know Shahrukh a lot better from this conversation
Anupama calls Sharukh the best conversationalist in Bollywood and also mentions that the actor is her favourite interview subject and that is why she has even written a book on him.

The song ‘One, two, three, four' plays with Shahrukh's entry in the show. Shahrukh, who is currently sporting a pony tail, says that he enjoyed doing the movie Chennai Express. He said, "I enjoyed it one hell of a lot." Shahrukh Khan reveals that he is very nervous on the first 10 days of shooting any new film, because it's very difficult to mould oneself into somebody's world and have a good time. 

We spot Sharukh Khan opening up a lot more about him in the show. The actor talks about himself and rates himself just 2.5 on the scale of 10. Anupama Chopra posted on Twitter and tagged the actor saying, "@iamsrk Thank you, as always, for the conversation! The killer marketing lines will be on air soon - and I will never live it down."

Do not miss the slide show which gives you the conversation between Shahrukh and Anupama Chopra even before television does.

Over The Top Film

Anupama: Shah Rukh, your 55th film, Chennai Express, releases this month. While talking recently about it, you said that you've wanted to do an over the top (OTT) film for a long time. What are the particular pleasures of doing an OTT film?

SRK: I believe as an actor it's important to experience different worlds that a filmmaker or a writer creates. You can get caught up easily in a comfort zone and do the stuff you do. After the physical intensity in Ra. One the quiet intensity in Don and then the autism bit in My Name Is Khan, I wanted to let my hair down, have a great time and laugh more.

SRK Fell Down Laughing

SRK: Rohit Shetty narrated Chennai Express to me and I fell down laughing. I said, ‘Even if it is half as funny as I think it is, it's a great space for me to be in.' Rohit's got this mad vision and a madder sense of humour. So I wanted to do it and just completely be mad. I thought I'll enjoy the action but I enjoyed the fun and madness that he creates on the set.

Not Cheating On Anyone

Anupama: For the last two decades, we urban, middle class viewers felt like we owned you. Rahul and Raj were like the most charismatic members of our family. But this new Rahul feels louder, larger-than-life, perhaps a little dumbed down. Are you cheating on us?

SRK: No, I'd never cheat on you. All the people who love me as Rahul, will just have to accept I'm going through a phase. I always thought, in about seven to eight years, I'll start designing what I think as an actor I should do but I still don't give myself that much importance as an actor. This Rahul is extremely romantic, a little nerdy maybe, a little wussy and little scared of the world. He's also 40, so a little change will come.

Essence Of Chennai Express

Anupama: Chennai Express seems like a film designed to risk as little as possible. How is this film special?

SRK: The essence of the film which attracted me is that it's a film about not being able to understand each other because of the language, cultural barrier, or sometimes even just how two people are. Whatever I understand in the film is what the audience understands. If you are watching this film and don't know this language, you'd be as dumbstruck as I am in the film. To me, that is very unique and a challenge.

SRK On Success

As far as success goes, I think that follows Rohit Shetty. I don't really have to do anything. I would love to be part of a successful Rohit Shetty film otherwise it would seem like everybody succeeds with him but me.

Talks About AbRam

Anupama: Shahrukh, you recently became a father again. You are older now and more experienced. Is there anything that you will do differently with AbRam?

SRK: I always wanted my children not to be affected by the job that I do. Unfortunately, AbRam has already been affected by the job that I do and the only thing I want to do is make sure that they have a life of their own, which is not under the shadow of the tree that I have created of the profession I'm in. I would like them to have their own life and feel proud of me.

More On Fatherhood

I'm a very basic father. They should play some sport and they should be educated and hopefully the work that I finish doing by the time they're old enough to recognize it, should make them feel a little happy. There's nothing else I would do differently.

Doesn't Get Tired

Anupama: Shahrukh, I've been interviewing you for 18 years now and from all those conversations, one of my favourite SRK quotes is, "I'm just an employee of the Shahrukh Khan myth." So does the employee ever get tired?

SRK: No, I'm paid very well. I'm given holidays now more often and I'm allowed to have more children if I want, too! I'm scared sometimes that I don't get tired. It worries me. I think I'm wired differently.

Rates himself 2.5

Somebody was asking me the other day, ‘On a scale of one to ten, how much do you think you've achieved?' I don't have a scale. I don't have a finish line. But if I was to try and put it in some context, I think it is two-and-a-half.

Myth of SRK

So you'll have to bear with me much longer. I know there's a lot more I have to do. I'm not tired of working for Shahrukh Khan at all. I would rather not be working for any other myth than the myth of Shahrukh.

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