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      Angry Sonakshi Sinha Wants To Slap Kamaal R Khan


      Sonakshi Sinha, an actress who barely loses control or gets angry has suddenly got upset and wants to give a person she calls waste of space, one tight slap.

      This great person is none other than Kamaal R Khan. The so called celebrity who recently launched KRK Box Office happened to come across the nude pictures of Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian I guess, because suddenly out of the blue he felt the need to point out that no Bollywood actress has a huge butt like hers.

      He tweeted, "I can't understand why no actress in Bollywood has butt like Kim Kardashian. It's totally disappointing." He further posted a picture of the actress and called her the most beautiful girl in the entire universe.

      So far so good, but the mischievous KRK didn't stop at this he immediately started asking people to re-tweet if they though Parineeti has big butt, or Katrina and so on so forth. This agitated Sonakshi who gave KRK a royal showdown by asking people to re-tweet if they thought he should be hung upside down and given not one or two but four tight slaps.

      If it were any other person, he would either die of shame or at least apologize to people but Kamaal R Khan is different and so he decided to cut Sonakshi from his so called survey. What a douche?

      KRK has always been up to something or the other and personally I feel it's just an attention seeking addiction. He didn't even leave veteran actor like Anupam Kher and called him a flop actor.

      He even made an attack at Satish Kaushik saying, "Director Satish Kaushik is desperate to make an erotica film but no heroine is ready to do it. Sir Iss age main direction nahi Yoga karo."

      Nothing can be done about such pathetic people, utter waste of space like Sonakshi said. Here check out the tweet interaction of Kamaal R Khan and Sonakshi that caused her to get agitated.

      Parineeti Chopra

      Kamaal R Khan claims to do a survey and questions people about Parineeti Chopra's butt. Parineeti has not responded to this.

      KRK Behind Kim

      Kim Kardashian has done nude photoshoot owing to which Kamaal R Khan has questioned why no Bollywood actress is like her.

      Katrina Kaif

      Poor Katrina Kaif is also targeted by the controversial Kamaal R Khan, will she respond is yet to be seen.

      Deepika Padukone

      After the recent Deepika Padukone cleavage controversy will she choose to respond about this matter as well. Let's see.

      Sonakshi's Answer

      Sonakshi has questioned all her fans if Kamaal R Khan should be hung upside down and given four tight slaps. Let's see what the fans say.

      KRK's Answer

      Kamaal R Khan gives a back answer to her saying it was just a survey and that she should not get disrespected by it.

      Sonakshi Out Of Race

      He says Sonakshi is not longer included in the survey because of her remarks. I wonder if Sonakshi really cares about what he says.

      KRK Tweet About Nargis

      KRK Tweet About Nargis

      How many times in week U have @NargisFakhri How long can a woman go without sex? We r supposed 2have sex n don't lie 2me tat nobody wants it.

      KRK Tweet About Anupam Kher

      KRK Tweet About Anupam Kher

      Sir @AnupamPkher has given 13 flops in a row to prove that he is 100% guarantee of flop at box office today. Congratulatns 4achievement sir.

      Sonakshi Sinha

      Sonakshi Sinha

      Finally a Bollywood celebrity who stood up too Kamaal R Khan's ill remarks on people. Let's see if more people will join this argument against him

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