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Aamir Khan: AIB Roast Was A Shameful Act

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Aamir Khan speaks about the current hot topic, AIB Roast. While many of the Bollywood stars spoke in support of the show, Aamir Khan finds it to be shameful and violent.

Speaking about the show he said, "The night the Roast happened, Karan Johar and Arjun Kapoor had come and told me about all the jokes etc. I was deeply affected. I was most disappointed in what I was hearing. I completely believe in Freedom of Speech but we have to understand we all have a certain responsibility."

Aamir Khan: AIB Rost Was Shameful Act

He further added, "Karan and Arjun are both my friends and I scolded them both saying that I didn't find it funny. If you think 25 abuses can impress me, then you're wrong. I'm not 14 anymore; abusive language doesn't excite me. If you can make me laugh without hurting anyone, that I'll appreciate. I don't think jokes about the colour of skin or one's sexuality are funny at all."

Having made his opinion clear, Aamir has told that nobody has the right to ban the show, he said, "I've also seen a lot of AIB shaming and lynching happening publicly. I don't believe in that either. Who are we to ban anything? If I don't like something you've done, I should communicate it to you in strong and firm words. I can tell them I got very disturbed by what you did... more so, because you did it in public... please don't do it again. And that's the extent I can interfere in someone's life. Who am I to decide how anyone is going to conduct themselves?"

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