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Chak De India - Preview... Contd.

By Staff
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    Bindia Naik
    Position: Center Half
    Jersey Number: 5
    Home State: Maharashtra

    Experience corrupts, and too much experience corrupts completely. A veteran of field positions, federation politics and award manipulations, she could make any team's dirty tricks department proud, if she wasn't the department herself in real life.

    Vidya Sharma
    Position: Goalie&Captain
    Jersey Number: 18
    Home State: Madhya Pradesh

    Just married. And it already looks like she will have to divorce hockey. She knows this is probably her last tournament but can she give up hockey for marriage?

    Balbir Kaur
    Position: Left Defender
    Jersey Number: 3
    Home State: Punjab

    Known as tataiya, bhootni, rakshas and ghatotkach on any given day depending upon what she has done lately, everybody in the team is terrified of her temper. Fearless, sometimes to the point of being brainless, she is the team's main hope against the giant Australian girls and the ruthless Argentinean zagalonas. Heart of gold, in a body of armour-plated steel.

    Aliya Bose
    Position: Right Out
    Jersey Number: 7
    Home State: West Bengal

    Sexy Aliya should have been born in the swinging seventies. The world is a winery of boys and she is the taster-in-chief. And she takes her job very seriously. In her spare time she also plays hockey. Unfortunately, she is good at it and so year after year, team managers and coaches have tolerated her.

    Gunjan Lakhani
    Position: Right Half
    Jersey Number: 4
    Home State: Andhra Pradesh

    This Hyderabadi potti has seen it all, because she knows when to shut her eyes. Playing with seniors Bindia and Aliya has taught her only one thing there are more games off the field than on it. And a smart player knows how to stay out to stay in.

    Rani Dispotta
    Position: Right Defender
    Jersey Number: 2
    Home State: Jharkhand

    Rani still remembers the time she moved from her jungle village to Ranchi Sports School. And that makes her an expert on how to handle the city-breds, or manhandle them if need be. She knows enough Hindi to offend anyone and enough English to defend herself, especially on the field.

    Soimoi Kerketa
    Position: Substitute
    Jersey Number: 17
    Home State: Jharkhand

    From Jharkhand Grameen Adivasi Balika Kalyan Kendra Vidyalaya on the edge of Ghamorni jungle, straight New Delhi. Dicey Hindi and devious English confound her as much as hair-raising roads, blood-curdling cars and monstrous skyscrapers. Not to mention the other creatures around her who call themselves girls. But she knows what to do with a stick and a ball. That she knows.

    Nethra Reddy
    Position: Left Out
    Jersey Number: 11
    Home State: Andhra Pradesh

    The grounds-man's little daughter who grew up in stadiums among players and dreamt of being one herself. All she ever wanted to do was to make her dad proud and finally, she's an inch away from her dream...

    Gul Iqbal
    Position: Left In
    Jersey Number: 10
    Home State: Uttar Pradesh

    Hockey legend Mohammad Iqbal's grand-daughter. Her family's history is Indian Hockey's history. And nobody ever lets her forget that. Whether she wants it or not.

    Molly Zimik
    Position: Left Half
    Jersey Number: 6
    Home State: Manipur

    Mary Ralte
    Position: Substitute
    Jersey Number: 15
    Home State: Mizoram

    The talented hockey duo from the North East. Their school books taught them that they are Indians but Indians taught them otherwise. The only reason they play for the National team is that it is the only National team they can play for. They would love to belong but not to the team that calls them 'foreign', and definitely not to the people that call them 'loose'. So they stick together and play. For the love of the game and the honour of their people.

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