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Voluptuous Female Musicians Of Hollywood Who Are Just Too Beautiful!

Posted By: Chaitra
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Unlike other industries, the musicians in Hollywood are not only known for their music, but for their physical appearance, too. These voluptuous female musicians of Hollywood are not only talented, but are also extremely beautiful.

Plus size women or voluptuous celebrities were very rare back in the day. But, in today's world, the opinions and judgments of people are more relaxed and one is not much judged on the basis of their physical appearance or skin color.

Having said that, we need to also look at the shallow side of the industry which does pay more importance to the appearance. That's where the makeup, graphics, botox and other things come into use. But some celebrities choose to remain natural.

The pressure of looking good isn't restricted to the actors alone. Lately, the music industry in Hollywood pays a lot of importance to the video of the song along with the music. So the musicians featured in the video ought to look appealing.

Singers like Sia and Lorde have proved through their songs and videos that women are much more than just good looking creatures. Female musicians have sent out strong messages through their songs and always shut the haters down.

The actresses in Hollywood have also diversified over the decades. Today, the mainstream movies have brilliant plus size actresses like Rebel Wilson and Mellisa MeCarthy have made pacts to not lose weight for Hollywood.

Majority of the plus size and voluptuous women have gained confident to come before the camera and have proudly flaunted their curves. Let us have a look at these Voluptuous female musicians of Hollywood who are too hot to handle:


Adele has one of the most beautiful voices in the entire world. The singer has always been on the plus size and not seemed much bothered by it. She is a singer with the doll face.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor started off her career by saying "It's all about the bass". The singer shut all the body shamers down through her first song and stood proud with her curvy body.

Nicki Minaj

No matter how much one criticizes Nicki Minaj, she has always been proud of her curves and been a voice behind many thick women who feel insecure about their body type.

Kelly Clarkson

The 'Stronger' singer wasn't always on the healthy side. She got curvier through years, but has never complained about her body or talked about losing weight to look good to others.

Mariah Carey

Another beautiful voluptuous singer who has ruled the music industry for years is Mariah Carey. When she has the voice of a nightingale, does anything else even matter?

Amber Rose

Amber Rose has been bullied for years and is still subject to slut shaming and many other abuses. But, the rapper has always remained strong and beautiful telling women cherish who they are.

Britney Spears

Who said meat on women doesn't look good? Well, all the haters should watch Britney Spears perform on stage. She absolutely rocks her curves and sure knows how to move them.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is loved for her voice and curves! She's one of the most beautiful woman Hollywood has ever had. Even she has made songs that encourage every body type.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has gone through through major struggles and have faced many obstacles in life. One of it being body shamed for her plus size. But the singer now stands strong and beautiful cherishing the body she's blessed with.


The 'Single Ladies' singer through her voluptuous body has shown women how to make men fall for curves too. Beyonce has beautiful curves and she's always been proud of them.

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