Roja Star Priyanka Nalkari's Unexpected Revelation About Her Relationship Status Leaves Fans Stunned!

Priyanka Nalkaris Relationship Revelation Shocks Fans!

Priyanka Nalkari's Relationship Revelation Shocks Fans: Actress Priyanka Nalkari, renowned for her portrayal in the hit serial "Roja," which aired on Sun TV, has set tongues wagging with her recent revelation of being single. The announcement has left fans in a state of shock and curiosity about the reason behind her relationship status update.

"Roja" stands as one of Sun TV's most popular serials, catapulting Priyanka Nalkari to fame with her stellar performance as the lead heroine. Garnering a massive fan following through the show, Priyanka's role in "Roja" became popular. Despite the serial concluding its run in 2022, Priyanka continued to charm audiences with her stint in the Zee Tamil serial "Seetha Raman." However, her abrupt departure from the serial midway raised eyebrows as news of her marriage surfaced.

In a clandestine ceremony held in March last year at a temple in Malaysia, Priyanka tied the knot with her beau, Rahul Verma, a businessman. The unexpected revelation of her wedding, shared through candid Instagram posts, caught many by surprise. Speculation was rife about familial objections and her subsequent settlement in Malaysia, hinting at her retirement from acting.

Rumours and Speculation: The Mystery Behind Priyanka's Relationship Status

Contrary to expectations, Priyanka staged a comeback with the Tamil serial "Nala Damayanthi" aired on Zee Tamil. Yet, recent activity on her social media has piqued interest, with fans noticing cryptic posts hinting at inner turmoil. Deleting all traces of her husband, including photos and videos, Priyanka's actions have fueled rumours of marital discord.

During an interactive session with fans on social media, Priyanka addressed queries about her relationship status, confirming her single status. Reports suggesting a separation from her husband Rahul have stirred the gossip mill, leaving fans bewildered by the sudden turn of events. Despite widespread speculation, neither Priyanka nor Rahul have officially commented on their alleged split, leaving fans clamouring for answers.


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