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Bigg Boss 8 Sneak Peek: It's Police Vs Robbers; Puneet-Preetam Major Fight! [PHOTOS]

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    Bigg Boss 8's upcoming episode will have the contestants turning into robbers and guards for the latest luxury budget task. Also, the episode will see a major face-off between Puneet Issar and RJ Preetam.

    The new luxury budget task for this week is named -Museum. A Museum, wherein you find ancient antiques in numbers, good enough to make them all stunned. The rules of the task are to have two teams; the team of thieves and the team of security guards. Ali Quli Mirza, Praneet Bhatt and Karishma Tanna are the burglars, while rest of the housemates are the security guards ensuring the safety of the Museum.

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    The burglars would steal the items secretly and keep in the store room while leaving the signature mark on the place where the item has been robbed from. The security guards will have to move all around the museum, keeping a close watch on them. Two special guards are to be posted near the garden area to keep an eye on the monitor, screening everything that is happening inside the house.

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    While the two teams try their best to rob and stop each other, there will see a lot of drama unfold during the process. Karishma will be seen cracking her head up and Dimpy Mahajan trying her best at instigating the captain Preetam to get into a fight with her. Praneet will get caught miserably trying to rob and will get thrown into jail by Upen Patel, while Ali will show his talent at robbing without even giving it up to his own people.

    What will shock everyone, in Bigg Boss 8 tonight, will be the fight that will break out between Puneet and Preetam. Puneet who hears about Preetam having a fight with Dimpy comes to Preetam with rage and will attack Preetam. Preetam, who tried to just defend his stand ended up fighting full-fledged when Puneet started throwing abuses at him. The rest of the men-folk had to intervene to stop the duo from harming each other.

    Bigg Boss 8 Sneak peek

    Bigg Boss 8's latest sneak peek shows that there is a lot of entertainment in store for the viewers in the upcoming episode. The contestants are going to give the viewers a lot of drama.

    Luxury Budget Task

    The latest luxury budget task will have the contestants getting split into two groups. Karishma, Praneet and Ali becoming the robbers the rest of the house except Preetam will become the police preventing the robbers from stealing the valuables.

    Praneet Gets Caught

    Praneet Bhatt turns out to be the worst robber since he will get caught first and gets ceremoniously thrown into the jail by Upen Patel. Ali says it was good he got thrown into the jail since he was a terrible robber in any case.

    Upen - Puneet

    Upen and Puneet will be seen getting into the character a little too much and will be seen even getting a little too involved at various instances and will be seen loosing cool as well.

    Karishma Hurts Self

    Karishma Tanna will be seen hurting herself badly when crossing the glass door. She will be seen bleeding profusely and the rest of them will try to control the bleeding before Bigg Boss sends doctors.

    Karishma Was Fine

    Karishma soon bounced back and was seen performing the task and even managed to help Praneet get some stuff into the store room by distracting the police.

    Diandra Fights

    Diandra will get into a fight with Karishma for catching Ali at robbing a tower from the living room. The duo have been arguing a lot off late.

    Karishma - Puneet

    Puneet will end up hurting Karishma when trying to stop her from keeping what she robbed inside the store room. She will then be seen trying to raise an issue about it.

    Preetam For Robbers

    Bigg Boss calls Preetam to the confession room and gives him a secret task to be a part of the robbers team to help them steal while posing to be a police and that only Gautam gets to know this.

    Preetam - Dimpy

    Dimpy will be seen trying to instigate Preetam at various instances. And when at a point of time Preetam looses his cool to raise his voice at her for crossing her line.

    Puneet Takes Up The Issue

    Puneet Issar will take up the issue of Preetam scolding Dimpy like he was just waiting for a chance to fight Preetam. He will turn his rage completely towards Preetam.

    Preetam Gets Slang

    Preetam will just be defending but when Puneet throws in some slangs and some low blows, Preetam will be seen loosing his cool and starts yelling at Puneet as well.

    Puneet's Rage

    Puneet, who had just told Bigg Boss that he will keep his rage under control will be seen turning all his rage towards Preetam. The rest of the men folk will use their full energies to keep the two apart and from getting down and dirty.

    Fight Outside

    While the guys try their best to stop them duo, the two continue their fight nonetheless. While Gautam and Upen push Preetam away from Puneet outside, Puneet will follow them despite Ali doing his best to stop him.

    Gautam Takes Over

    Followed by Puneet, Gautam will corner Preetam next and will be seen carrying on the fight with Preetam. Gautam even tries to make an issue of Preetam pushing him.

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