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Jodha Akbar: 19th May; Jodha, Jalal's First Wedding Anniversary Turns Bad!

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Jodha Akbar 19th May written episode: Maha Manga defiantly tells Jodha that she is least repentant for her misdeed. She has forever hated Hindus and she will keep doing so. She admits that she has conspired against Jodha, as she is a Hindu girl. She threatens Jodha that she will avenge her insult. Now she is more desperate as she has nothing to lose—declares Maham. Jodha replies that she pities her.

Maha Manga comes to the fort again and tortures her captive, to drain out her anger against Jodha. She again tries to take out information, but for no result. She tells the guards to call the doctor and nurse the captive.

Akbar receives messages and gifts from Hindu Kings who praises his decision over the pilgrimage tax. There is also a message from Sujhamal. Akbar says that his opinion about Sujhamal has changed. Kumar Pratap writes that his enmity against the Mughals will be the same, even after the implementation of the progressive laws.

Both Jodha and Akbar come to know that their marriage has completed one year. They come to Darga separately, but meet each other. Akbar teases her as usual. The Mughal palace becomes busy with the preparation of celebration. Rahim shows two dolls to Jodha and Akbar, representing them.

Shanaz runs after Rahim, for taking the dolls. She tries to snatch it from Rahim when he is at the edge of a terrace. Rahim falls and hangs from the edge. Akbar and others hear his screams and rush.

Akbar madly rushes to Rahim and sharply catches him when he falls. Everyone gives angry gazes on Shahnaz as she bursts into laughter in such a critical situation.

Maha Manga To Jodha

Maha Manga declares that she would never accept failure in front of a Rajput princess.

Jodha's Response

Jodha would respond yo Maha Manga saying, it is true that she has nothing to loose.

Jalal Accepts Greetings

Jalal would receive greetings from all over the country for abolishing pilgrimage tax.

First Wedding Anniversary

Jodha and Jalal would realise that they have been married for one year and the time has flown without noticing.

Jodha And Jalal Pray

Jodha and Jalal pray together at the Dargah.

Last Time They Were Here

The last time they were here, they were newly married. And at the time she hated Jalal.

Love In The Air

The hate has changed to love and they walk out hand in hand.

Jalal Teasing Jodha

Jalal would express his desire to tease Jodha.

Shanaz - Rahim

Shanaz would want the doll Rahim would be playing with. during her attempt to get the doll, she would push Rahim off the balcony.

Rahim Calls For Help

Rahim would hang on to the platform and call out for help. Everyone including Jalal, Jodha, Salima, Rukhaiya, would come running.

Jalal Saves Rahim

Rahim unable to hold on, lets go and falls. Jalal would catch him in time.

Jalal Angry At Shanaz

Jalal and other would be angry at Shanaz for putting Rahim in trouble.

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