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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani-Ranveer To Fool Amba, Baa; Dance Together!

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Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) romedy in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi continues. The couple is still in Valentine's day mood and RV is not ready to leave Ishaani without the gift.

The gift he demands from Ishaani is a kiss, for which he is behind her. While romancing, the duo get caught between Mausaji. Later, Ishveer will be forced to spend night with them. RV will be made to sleep with Mausaji who tried to kiss RV in sleep, thinking him as his wife. While Ishaani will be made to sleep with Pinky, who has stomach problem and keeps farting.

Somehow the duo manages to leave their respective rooms, but will be caught by mausaji, who has sleepwalking problem! Just when their mausaji leave, Ishveer start their romance. But now, they will be disturbed by Baa and Amba.

Ishaani, who is busy spraying room freshener because of dirty smell, will be disturbed by RV. He says Ishaani that his Valentine's date is incomplete without a kiss. When the duo will be seen sharing romantic moments, Chaitali knocks the door. Ishaani manages to hide RV in cupboard.

Chaitali forcefully comes in and opens the same cupboard, in which RV will be hidden, to take Ishaani's sari. Though Ishaani tries to stop her, she doesn't stop. Finally Ishaani manages to close the cupboard giving her money to buy new sari.

As soon as Chaitali goes out, Ishaani frees RV. RV acts suffocated and falls on her. Ishaani thinks RV must have got suffocated because of being locked and gives mouth-to-mouth breathing. RV hugs her and says he got his gift!

This was part of their romance, click on the slides to know how they will fool Baa.

Mausaji's Sleepwalking

Ishaani and Ranveer's romance is disturbed by mausaji's sleepwalking.


Amba and Baa reach home with rest of the family members. Amba taunts Baa that she got Thakkur ji's Poshak as promised. For which Baa gives her back.


Ritika comes in search of Sharman, who would have left the house. He still doubts Ritika and RV's relationship.


Baa makes Sharman understand that Ritika and RV are just friends.


Amba and Lakshmi overhears Sharman and Baa's talk. They are happy that Sharman doubts Ritika. They also decide to remarry RV to Ritika after divorce.

Was this a plan of Amba and Lakshmi to poise Sharman's mind?


Girish comes to hospital to see his sister Shanaila. Where he gets to know from wardboy that RV is behind Shanaila's recovery. Girish now doubts Chirag, who is against RV.


Ishaani will be seen spraying room freshener in her room as it is filled with dirty smell of fart!


RV demands for kiss from Ishaani who is busy decorating herself.


Chaitali who wants to borrow sari from Ishaani tries to open the door of cupboard, where RV is hiding.

RV In Cupboard

RV hides behind saris in cupboard. Ishaani somehow manages to send Chaitali out giving her money to buy new sari.

RV Acting

As soon as Chaitali goes out, Ishaani frees RV, who is seen acting as if he is suffocated. Ishaani gives mouth-to-mouth breathing. RV hugs her and says he got his gift!

Ishaani-Ranveer Dance

Ishaani challenges RV to have dinner with her in front of Baa. He takes up the challenge and dances with her. He tells his family that if he doesn't dance with her, she may ask more money in alimony.

Not bad idea Ishveer!

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