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Aditya To See Difference Between Ishita And Shagun In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is a way better mother than Shagun (Anita Hassanandani). Ruhi, Raman (Karan Patel) and the entire family knows it, but looks like Aditya will soon realise this fact about his own mother.

It is obvious from his upbringing that Shagun has not been an ideal mother to Aditya. Whereas, Ishita has brought up Ruhi with such care and love that the result is clear in the beautiful and sweet girl, Ruhi. Now, with Aditya living a door away from Ishita, he is starting to see that Ishita is not as bad as Shagun has painted her to be and that she is a way better mother Shagun can ever be.

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For a recent school project, Ruhi and Aditya will be assigned work which had to be done with the help of their parents. While Ruhi gets Ishita's help since Raman was busy, Aditya will be left without any help from Shagun. Shagun informs Aditya that she will get the project done by outsourcing. At the end moment, however, the project will not be done and Aditya will get into trouble at school for not doing the project at all.

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The previous night too, Shagun leaves Aditya at home to attend a party without arranging for his dinner. Aditya will be starving when Ishita gives him the chinese she got packed. He even thanks her for it. Aditya even covers up for Shgaun by lying to Ishita that he was just hungry in general and not because he did not get any dinner.

It's in time that Aditya realises that though he loves Shagun, she is not an ideal mother for him. With this the chances are that he might get closer to Ishita the way Ruhi did. Let's wait and watch, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, how things turn out.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The latest track on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has Aditya starting to see that Ishita is not as bad as Shagun has made her out to be and she might even be a better mother than Shagun.

Shagun Leaves Aditya

Shagun leaves Aditya alone at home to attend a party. Ishita, who returns from her Anniversary dinner finds Aditya sleeping on the sofa alone.

Aditya Hungry

Aditya will dive into the food that Ishita brings home. Ishita will be surprised to see Aditya extremely hungry and eating the food she brought.

Ishita Sees Shagun Drunk

Ishita sees Shagun enter the house drunk. Aditya would have informed her that Shagun was sleeping and that he was just hungry in general.

Aditya Covered For Shagun

When Shagun comes home drunk, Aditya just asks her if she had her dinner. Ishita then realises that Aditya had coverd for his mother by lying to her that she was sleeping inside.

Aditya's Project

Aditya asks Shagun to help him out with his school project. Shagun, with a hangover from the drinking, refuses to help Aditya and asks him to just leave.

Outsource Project Work

When Aditya continues to ask Shagun to help him with the project, she will inform him that she will just get the project outsourced and will get it done by someone and pay for it.

Ruhi's Project

Ruhi's project on the other hand will be handled by Ishita. Raman will be busy with his project so Ishita will be the one to help Ruhi with the entire project.

Ruhi In Trouble

Ruhi accidentally deletes Raman's project and will get into trouble for it. Raman who will have a lot at stake will lose his cool to yell at Ruhi.

Ruhi Upset

Ruhi will be upset after Raman scolds her. She will inform Ishita that she did not mean to delete and that she did not know she was actually deleting Raman's file.

Ishita Consoles Ruhi

Ishita will be seen consoling Ruhi by saying that Raman was just angry for the moment and by evening he will be fine and that he still loves her.

Trouble With Project

Shagun will fail to present Aditya with his project at the last minute. The person who was supposed to the project for them will not be able to complete putting them in trouble.

Ishtia Finds Out

Ishita finds out that Shagun had actually asked someone else to do the project instead of helping him by herself. Aditya too will be upset with Shagun since she did not help him out.

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