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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun Slaps Ashok 9 Times For Drugging Ishita! [Photos]

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers witnessed an epic episode where Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) slapped Ashok (Sangram Singh) a whopping NINE times for drugging Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and bringing her to a hotel room to rape her.

Ashok successfully manages to drug Ishita and bring her to a hotel room. He gets close to her when Shagun barges into the room to start slapping the living-day-lights out of Ashok. Ashok, perplexed will not be able to figure out how she managed to find them, takes all the slaps like a misbehaved and guilty boy.

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While Ishita lays unconscious in the room, Raman (Karan Patel) finds himself dragged into another room by his friend's wife. Raman takes time to teach her a lesson and make her realise the value of her husband.

Shagun would have received a call from Raman's ex-employee, who figures out Ashok's plan and this is how Shagun catches Ashok before he does any damage. Shagun also deletes the selfie Ashok took with Ishita on bed and informs Ashok he is not calling the police since Ishita is involved.

The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will have Ishita recovering to find Raman at her bedside. Ishita and Raman will have a huge show down after this and it is said that Ishita will be giving a tight slap to Raman. The episode is said to have Raman and Ishita consummate their marriage.

Ashok Gets Slapped 9 Times

Ashok (Sangram Singh) ends up getting slapped a whopping nine times for trying out the stunt on Ishita. An angry Shagun lands all the slaps on his left cheek.

Ishita Drugged

Ishita upset with Raman's rude behaviour walks out for some air only to get drugged by Ashok. Ashok finds Ishita alone and vulnerable and uses the situation.

Ashok Takes Ishita Away

Ashok takes Ishita away when she is unsure what is happening around her. She finds Ashok near her a resists him, but she goes unconscious soon.

Ashok Happy With Himself

Ashok is happy that he has managed to go so far. He figure Raman is kept busy and gets close to Ishita,

Ashok Takes Selfie

Ashok takes a selfie with a sleeping Ishita. He decides to send it to the Bhalla family for insulting him.

Ashok Gets Close To Ishita

Ashok starts to get close to Ishita on the bed. He plans to rape her so it will teach the Bhalla family a lesson.

Ashok Slapped

Ashok gets a tight slap on his cheek for his stunt. He will be shocked to find another person in the room at the time.

Shagun Slaps Ashok

It will be Shagun who slaps Ashok. She will be seen yelling at him and scolding him for doing the same thing he did to Mihika.

Ashok Shocked

Shagun will be seen dragging Ashok away from Ishita and landing slap after slap on him. Ashok, too shocked to react takes all the slaps.

Sangram Takes All Slaps

Too shocked to react Ashok takes all the slaps from Shagun. Though he tries to stop her, Shagun continues to land slaps each time before he could stop her.

Shagun Deletes Photo

Shagun snatches Ashok's phone and deletes the selfie he took with Ishita. Shagun would have predicted he would have taken a photo.

Ishita Wakes Up

Ishita will wake up later to find Raman at her bedside. She will be groggy and disoriented but Raman will continue to insult her.

Raman And Ishita

Raman and Ishita will be consummating their marriage in the upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

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