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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Subbu Secretly Helped Ishita Get Back Ruhi!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein had Ruhi and Aditya coming back home to their parents, Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi). While everyone is assuming it is Sujata and Bala who made this happen, it actually was Subbu (Amit Tandon) who would be behind this.

Romi, who found Bala's behaviour confusing when Ruhi was with him during the kidnap drama, informs Raman about this. Raman and Ishita, who are very clear that Bala will have nothing to hide, confront him regarding this. Sujata, who also happens to be there informs them that there is a another person behind all this and that in time they will get to know about him. But Raman and Ishita decide to know about this unknown person who has helped them immediately.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi, Aditya Back To Ishita, Raman, Finally!

Though Raman and Ishita miss him at a hotel where he had a meeting, they will get to know that Sujata is going to have dinner with him that very day and they decide to join them along with Ruhi and Aditya, to thank him for everything he has done.

Latest reports on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein say that Subbu, played by Amit Tandon, an ex-boyfriend of Ishita, will re-enter her life and he will play a major role in creating differences between Raman and Ishita. The upcoming episode will have Subbu entering their lives.

Subbu Secretly Helped Ruhi?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Subbu, played by Amit Tandon, is the secret person who was with Sujata and Bala. He was the person who helped Ishita and Raman get Ruhi back.

Ishita Stands Against Shagun

Ishita will stand against Shagun and declare that Aditya will stay with them along with Ruhi and that she can do nothing about it. She informs her that she cannot keep shifting the kids depending on her will.

Aditya Refuses To Go With Shagun

Shagun's biggest blow will be when Aditya refuses to go with her. Aditya clearly informs Shagun that he wants to stay with Raman, Ishita and the rest of the family.

Shagun Angry

Shagun will be extremely pissed off when Aditya refuses to return with her. She will inform Ishita that she will get back for this and will never forgive her for taking her kids away from her.

Aditya Back Home

Everyone, including Raman, Ishita, Ruhi and the rest of the family will be happy to finally have Aditya and Ruhi at home. They will all thank Sujata for making this happen.

Happy Family

Finally, Ruhi and Aditya are back home and they finally get to live together. Though Aditya is happy, Ishita finds him a bit too silent around them.

Aditya Guilty?

Aditya is finally home and gets to live with his family. But he still feels guilty for not going to Shagun. He even tries to talk to her on phone but Shagun will refuse to talk to him.

Raman Fooled

Ruhi and Aditya plan to fool Raman taking advantage of the fact that he is scared of cats. Ruhi and Adi pretend to have got a cat which will freak him out.

Raman, Ishita Confront Bala

Raman and Ishita get to know about Bala's weird behaviour with Bala during the kidnapping. And when they confront Bala, Sujata will inform them that there was another person who was involved.

Ishita's Toothache

Ishita will suddenly have a bad toothache and will have no one to consult. Romi would have got to know about a dentist living in their apartment and decide to consult him.

Subbu The Dentist?

The person who secretly helped Ishita and Raman get Ruhi and the dentist who Ishita will consult soon will happen to be Subbu, Amit Tandon.

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