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Naamkaran SPOILER: Ashish Does Not Arrive For Wedding; Avni To Break Ties With Ashish Forever!

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Star Plus' latest offering, Naamkaran is currently showcasing a pivotal track, wherein Ashish has reconciled with his daughter, Avni. They start living together as a family. Avni's joy knows no bounds, as even her family is finally a 'normal family'.

Avni asks Ashish to marry Asha (Barkha Bisht) again. On the other hand, Neela and Ashish's marriage date is fixed too. Avni happily takes care of all the wedding arrangements. (Check out the latest spoiler below).

Dayavanti Reveals Her Past

In the last episodes, Dayavanti revealed her past to Ashish and told him about his father's fateful death. She explains that his father, Hiralal was a respected man and treated Hindus and muslims equally.

Ashish Is Shocked

She revealed that, on one night , their entire village was in riots. She was scared and asked Hiralal not to go out at that time. It is revealed that Hiralal went out to alert some of his muslim friends and got killed.


Dayavanti tells Ashish that, she wil never forget thr incident happened that night and tells, him that this is the reason, she hates muslims.

Asha's Mehendi Ceremony

Meanwhile, Asha's mehendi ceremony takes place. Fatima feels that, Ashish won't come back, but Avni assures that, he will come back.

Dayavanti Asks Ashish To Marry Neela

In the upcoming episodes, Dayavanti will asks Ashish to marry Asha. Left with no chioce, he agrees. On the other hand, Avni will wait for him at the wedding venue.

Avni Meets Ashish

When Ashish does not turn up, she will go to Dayavanti's house starightaway to meet him. As per the latest spoiler, Dayavanti will try her best to prevent the duo from meeting.

Avni Abandons Ashish

Avni will force Ashish to come along, but he will tell her that he doesn't want to go with her. She will surely be taken aback. She will further tell him not to come back and break all ties with him.

On the other hand, Ashish calls up Neela to inform her that, he doesn't love her and hence, he cannot marry her. Unfortunately, she cannot hear him due to network problem. This fact remains unknown to him, who believes that Neela got to know to know the truth.

Avni invites Dayavanti invite for the wedding. Avni addresses her as 'dadi' and even apologises for speaking to her rudely, when she came home. Dayavanti is furious and vows to get her son back.

Asha's haldi ceremony takes place. Avni happily apply haldi to Asha and Ashish joins them for the ceremony too. Later, Ashish gets a call. He makes excuses and rushes to meet Dayavanti.

Dayavanti tries to commit suicide. She pours kerosene all over and is about to ignite the fire. Ashish arrives in time and rescues his mother.

Meanwhile, sangeet ceremony is going on and everyone including Avni, Asha and Fatima are having lots of fun. Dayavanti reveals her dark past to Ashish, thereby preventing him from getting married to Asha.

What will happen next? Stay tuned to know....

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