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Naamkaran SPOILER: Neil & Avni's Friendship To Begin; Aman To Enter The Scene Soon!

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In Star Plus' popular show Naamkaran, Neil (Zain Imam) doubts Avni's motives and keeps an eye on her. He tries his best to expose her, but in vain. On the other hand, Avni learns that, Neil is spying on her and becomes cautious.

Neil's various attempts to decode the truth have failed, including his latest attempt to try different pendants on her. However, Avni manages to save herself, leaving Neil frustrated. (Check out the latest spoiler below).

Avni & Fatima

During Riya's birthday party, Avni will try to maintain a safe distance from Fatima. When the duo will come face-to-face, Avni will struggle to hide her feelings, which will hint Fatima about the possibility of her being Avni.

Avni Behaves Rudely With Fatima

Avni will deliberately behave rudely with Fatima fearing that she might get exposed.

Neil's Plan

On the other hand, Neil hell-bent upon exposing Avni and is looking out for proofs for the same. While Avni was smartly seen escaping all the while, will Neil be able to expose her this time?

Shweta Upset With Neil

It has to be recalled that Shweta dislikes the Mehta family. If reports are to be believed, she will dislike the fact that Neil has organized a surprise party for Riya. Reportedly, she will enter the party and create a big scene.

Shweta Commits Suicide

She will blame Neil for not listening to her. Neil will try to stop her, but in vain. Shweta will try to commit suicide by drinking poison.

Neil & Avni

Neil will blame himself for the situation, but Avni will become his support. Neil will realize that Avni is a good-hearted person. On the other hand, Avni will also realize that, Neil might be a threat to her, but is a very good person.

Aman To Enter The Scene Soon?

If reports are to be believed, Avni's brother Aman will return from London soon.

In The Last Episode...

Neil plans a Bollywood themed surprise birthday party for Riya. On the other hand, Ali becomes the caterer for Riya's birthday party. The surprise is finally revealed to Riya, who excitedly thanks Neil for all the arrangements. Meanwhile, Neil waits for Avni's arrival.

Neela dresses up as Charlie Chaplin for the party. Avni hugs her and tells her that nothing can go wrong now. Later, Ali and Fatima arrive at the party to deliver food. Avni arrives at the venue and collides with Fatima. She apologizes to Fatima.

Ali tells Fatima that Ananya is Avni, but Fatima refuses to believe him. Neil introduces Fatima as Ali's Nani to Dayavanti, who is furious to meet her.

Meanwhile, Avni wishes Riya. Upon seeing her dressed as a theif, Neil asks Avni if she has any plans to steal tonight, which upsets Avni and they end up arguing, as always.

Neela overhears Dayavanti talking about Aman to anonymous person and informs the same to Avni and she in turn, decides to keep an eye on her.

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