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Balika Vadhu: December 11th Episode Written Update

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Balika Vadhu December 11th Episode Written Update: Shiv scolds Saachi for her misbehaviour with Anandi. But she fights back by questioning their relevance. They both get shocked to hear this and Shiv leaves the room. Anandi scolds her but she asks her to leave. But Anandi clarifies her that she would not accept anything which would hurt his husband.

Anandi tries to console Shiv and asks to ignore what Saachi said. Shiv breaks in front of her blaming the reality. She pacifies him by saying Saachi said everything in mere anger. He wonders if anything can be resumed as it was earlier. Meenu overhears their conversation and walks in the room when Anandi invites her inside. Anandi leaves the room to allow Shiv and Meenu talk.

Balika Vadhu

Meenu apologises from Shiv and says that her feelings remain the same as they were earlier. She says that she would not mind him calling her Chhoti Maa. Shiv pacifies her and asks her not to blame herself for anything. He says he can never be angry with her. He says that he worries about Ira and hopes that she would get normal soon. She asks Shiv to stay normal to diver everyone's mind and normalise the tensed environment.

Pasha sees the parade in television. He feels energised and stands for marching. Jagiya sees him and asks if he was a soldier. He tells him that he would be discharged today from the hospital. But he becomes nervous and requests Jagiya not to involve police. Jagiya tells her that he can allow him to stay here maximum for two more days. Jagiya leaves and Pasha becomes tensed. Jagiya discusses Pasha's case with Ganga. She sympathises with him. She suggests if they can help him with some money once he is discharged from the office. He praises their like-mindedness.

Pasha steps out of his room and makes himself slip off the stairs knowingly. Meenu sits watching Shiv's pictures and cries out her motherly heart. She talks with his pictures when Ira overhears her conversation.

Saachi sees Ira tensed and asks what she is thinking. She tells her that she is thinking of Meenu's selflessness. Saachi tries to think of the pain which she gave him. She displays that Meenu did all this to get off her guilt of calling Ira to hospital. She weaves all the sequences in a negative way and fills hatred in her mother's heart.

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