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Anusha's dream man is...

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

What type of man do you dig?
My man has to be anything between Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt.

Is there someone who fits the bill of your ideal man?
Somebody who is playful, fun-loving, energetic and lives life for the moment. He should be ambitious because I don"t want both of us to sit unemployed. I think its all in Justin Timberlake. May be he will come to me one day(smiles).

Your favorite romantic get away would be.
It could be any isolated island.

Do you believe that men are from Mars and women from Venus?
No, I don"t believe that they are from different worlds altogether. I don"t really know about Mars and Venus because I have never been there!

Which man inspires you the most?
I think some one like Amitabh Bacchhan. He is a perfect gentleman.

If given a chance to date a historical character who would he be and why?
It would be someone like Jim Morrison. I just want to know what it would be to live the life of a rock star"s girlfriend.

Do you believe in one night stand or commitment?
I think whatever one is comfortable with.

Can a man and a woman have a platonic relationship?
Of course they can. I have so many.

Can Men be trusted?
Of course they can be. Tell me can women be trusted? It can be either ways. They can and they can"t.

Your first crush?
My first boyfriend John.

Your take on the institution of marriage from the point of view of you being a single woman?
Of course I believe in it. If two people love each other so much and want to live the rest of their lives together, then why shouldn"t get married.

Do you believe that marriages are made in heaven?
No, I believe you can try and make them as good as heaven. But you know you have to work on them because nothing comes easy in any way.

What would you do if your man is found to be a gay?
If my man turns out to be a gay; I wouldn"t blame myself because that could be really cruel. See it"s not a disease. It"s natural in our bodies and is all because of hormonal imbalance. So if he suddenly realizes he is a gay I won"t criticize or abuse him. Hopefully we will become best of friends.

Brainy or Brawny for you?
I don"t like brawny but I like men with good bodies.

Is a sense of humor very important to you?
Yes, definitely.

Which sun-sign men do you get along the best with?
They say I get along the best with Capricorn.

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