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    "I was in love with Sridevi..."

    By Super Admin

     syfi : which is your forthcoming hindi movies
    Ravi Kishan : 1971 for now. Rest will begin soon

    rohit : siR ur favourite slogan ''zindagi jhandwa phirbhi ghamandwa '' who made this?
    Ravi Kishan : i wrote that.... the shlok in big boss was mine

    nilesh : why did u accept such a miniscule role in Phir Hera Pheri even after being a superstart in Bhojpuri Movies? Was it just for the money if it was that?
    Ravi Kishan : it was my 2 1/2 yr old commitment for hera pheri n i dont back out

    Ravi Kishan : the christmas nite was beautiful n also when i got my wife and children's picture

    moses s israel : ur playing a charecter that his name is Captain Jacob -tell me about this rol?
    Ravi Kishan : capt jacob is from kerala, hes intense guy, a bomb expert

    yash : hi ravi u r a man who fulfiil enjoy bigboss i reported
    Ravi Kishan : thank u. i wanted people in big boss to live life in a very simple manner coz im a village boy and they were all from concrete jungle

    paddy : Ravi bhaiyaa... . i liked your performance in 1971 (seen the movie due to being part of this industry).. N i loved your performance
    Ravi Kishan : thank u so much brother but do go in theatre n do watch it again

    Big Boss : are you same Ravi Kishen in your real life as we saw in BIG BOSS ??????
    Ravi Kishan : yes i am

    moses s israel : what u think about rgv sholay remake?
    Ravi Kishan : definitely amitji is in d film n he will work very nicely

    Choube : Hi Ravi, are you gettings any offers from bollywood now
    Ravi Kishan : yes, I m getting Bollywood offers. God has been kind

    ausqleo2: hey there... Will u be in hera pheri 3???
    Ravi Kishan : yes i am in hera pheri 3

    ziya : hi im from pakistan srk ak&sk khans is the king of bollywood
    Ravi Kishan : no they werent

    moses s israel : why u think amitabh is indias movies shahensha-and no body can take his place??
    Ravi Kishan : u r right. He is a complete actor

    ravi bhaiya : r u getting any offers from hollywood
    Ravi Kishan : not yet

    pokiri : do u watch south indian films...WHO IS UR FAV DOWN SOUTH?????
    Ravi Kishan : i do watch south indian films. pokhari, d telugu film is my fav

    june : When is your birthday? Dont tell the year if you dont want to :)
    Ravi Kishan : my birthday comes on 17th july

    BIG boss fan: Is it true that you and rahul roy r making film ?
    Ravi Kishan : yes we are making a film

    chintan : tell me abt ur gabarsingh roll
    Ravi Kishan : i play intense gabbar, a thinking gabber

    Mahesh : Ravi lot has been said about you friendship with supermodel Carol Gracias and your fondness towards her. Did these rumours affect your friendship with her or created any akwardenss?
    Ravi Kishan : no. me n carol r stil friends

    nick : i like ur style f dressing ravi ...which is ur fav brands
    Ravi Kishan : levis is my fav n gabbana

    ausqleo2 : wht kind of film r u planning? Which genre?
    Ravi Kishan : im into very intense cinema

    moses s israel : u think j.p dutta will like this movie after all he make border a hit movie in 1997??
    Ravi Kishan : yes, he will love 1971

    MAnoj Bihari : Ravi please say hi to my little spastic sister Avanti... it will make her day...
    Ravi Kishan : happy birthday avanti. God bless u

    moses s israel : did u see sharukhs don-u like it?
    Ravi Kishan : no. i didnt like don

    ITEE : hi ravi this is itee rembr we met on the set of ur movie
    Ravi Kishan : yes i r u doing

    ausqleo2 : I love u ravi plsssssssssssssss marry me
    Ravi Kishan : i cant. im already married

    MAnoj Bihari : you are acting in many films with nagma... hws is ur assosiation with her?
    Ravi Kishan : very professional friendship with nagma

    anshul_167 : ur friendship with rupali ganguly broken done?any regrets on that issue?
    Ravi Kishan : no regrets, its broken

    paddy : I Loved capt. jacob performance .. he was so good, intense, his eyes speaked all
    Ravi Kishan : thank u....even i started noticing

    MAnoj Bihari : i lovvvvvvveeeeeeeddddddddd u in ARMY... ho gayi tayyar... hamari army
    Ravi Kishan : thank u so much. Keep watching my movies

    june : Wish we would see u right now.. :)
    Ravi Kishan : u can meet on my shoot

    muffi : hey ravi may whole family just loved u in big boss&we r looking forward to see more of u
    Ravi Kishan : watch me in 1971 releasing on 9th march

    MAnoj Bihari : do u and manoj tiwari have fights?
    Ravi Kishan : no fights

    kavita : ravi i m grb fan of u lots nd ots nd lots
    Ravi Kishan : same here kavita

    SunnyDeol : Ravi I just read that ur first film was in 1994 called udhar ki zindigagi ,,,,I believe u had first done a film with Dharmji
    Ravi Kishan : no i did film with Dharamji after that

    MAnoj Bihari : didnt u get scared of sharat saxena in phir hera pheri?
    Ravi Kishan : no. actually he was scared of me

    Srk : u look good in moustache ...!!
    Ravi Kishan : i will grow it again

    Srk : hav u seen film called jani dushman?
    Ravi Kishan : i have seen both new n old jaani dushman

    june : whts ur role in hera pheri 3? :)
    Ravi Kishan : extension of same totla character

    MAnoj Bihari : slap me coz im mad abt u
    Ravi Kishan : i cant marry but i can love u

    pj : which old movie can u name ?
    Ravi Kishan : do beegha zameen kind of films

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