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“I wish I was utilized a little more in GR” - Arshad Warsi

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With a great opening to boast, Golmaal Returns is en route to be a big success. However, not everything is pleasant as far as relationship between actor Arshad Warsi and director Rohit Shetty is concerned. While Arshad feels that he hasn't been utilized to the fullest in this sequel to Golmaal, Rohit Shetty has announced that Golmaal 3 would be made without Arshad. Sad, but true. We catch up with Arshad Warsi to check why he is so upset about his part in the film, especially when the film has turned out to be one of the biggest money spinners of his career.

Arshad, it is surprising to see you disappointed with Golmaal Returns. As far as audience is concerned, your presence in the film was just perfect as you made an all important entry at every juncture.
I know; it's just that I wish I was utilized a little more. I hate being a part of a successful film and not contribute to the success in a substantial manner. I don't want to be just a piece of furniture for decoration purpose.

But a success is a success, isn't it?
Yes, and I am happy, very happy for Golmaal Returns. It adds on to your collection of hits so why mind it? This way I would want every film of mine to do well. But you know, somewhere deep down you know in your heart how much were you responsible for the film's success as an actor! In Golmaal Returns, I was hardly there.

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I have done things my own way in my films and have always tried to be a part of the projects where I am in the main stream and play at least one of the main protagonists. My presence should make a difference to the film; I should at least feel that there is something of me in it and a part of me is involved throughout. I will give you an analogy. How would you feel if an article which is not written by you is published in the biggest of the publications and it has your byline? You may get all the congratulatory calls but deep inside you would feel that 'I wish I had actually written it', isn't it?

You seem to be hurt.
More than hurt, I am hassled. I have no problems with the film' I just wish I was more directly involved. As a matter of fact, I know it is other actors who have contributed to the film's success and I hate to bask in someone else's glory. So many of us out here are used to basking in the glory of other people. We don't mind that when someone else is responsible for the film's success even though we would have a small part to play. Sorry, but I come from my own school of thought. I have my own morals associated with the way I live; my values are predominant. I take the word of other people, trust them.

Weren't you aware about your part when you signed the film? You must have had a bound script, right?
(Smiles) There was no bound script and I got to hear the story on the sets for the first time. No, I am not complaining here. I trust Rohit (Shetty) and have shared a very comfortable relationship with him and Ashtavinayak (the production house). I started having my doubts mid-way through the film and even shared my apprehensions with the assistant director. I asked whether my role was indeed integral since I had shot just for 22 days. (Laughs) But then I was told that 'Sir, aap dekho second half mein mein kya hota hai'. Well, I am seeing it all now!

You did believe people at that time though?
(Laughs) Our writers out here are better narrators that anyone else. They are good con artists as they make you feel as if the entire story revolves around you. There are only two things that you can do in situations like these. a) You either stall the film mid-way after realizing what you have got into, something which I can't dream of doing or b) Simply carry on. I knew about what was happening in Golmaal Returns long time back but then I chose to do the latter.

But now Rohit Shetty seems to be have been offended. He has declared Golmaal 3 without you.
I don't know why is he so upset? I never said anything against his film. I was just hurt about my part. In any case, that's his point of view and whether I am in the next part or not totally depends upon the producer and the director. My funda is simple - If you want me, I would act; you give me a stage and I will perform. Some filmmaker out there has to give me something challenging enough and my standing promise remains that I will deliver.

Any lesson learnt?
That it's entirely my mistake that I started work on Golmaal Returns without going through a bound script. Rohit is an honest filmmaker. He is dedicated to his film and knows what works best for the final product. It's just that I wasn't careful enough about what I was getting into. Perhaps I should have been smarter.

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