When Sonam Kapoor Joked Arjun Kapoor & Her Brothers 'Slept' With Most Of Her Friends

sonam kapoor, arjun kapoor

Koffee With Karan 8: Fans witnessed a laughter explosion when our beloved Bollywood stars, Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor, made an appearance on the much-popular talk show, 'Koffee With Karan'. Regarded as the unforgettable Episode 7, it rendered a flurry of emotions interspersed with several rib-tickling moments, courtesy Sonam Kapoor's hilarious statements and vibrant presence. Let's revisit some of the most hilarious moments from the episode that left the audience and viewers thoroughly entertained!

Sonam Kapoor's Comical Goof-ups on The Show

One of the most amusing episodes was when Sonam failed to recall the title of Karan Johar’s movie, 'Brahmastra'. Initially hesitant when asked about 'the man of the moment', she then confidently stated that she believes Ranbir Kapoor fits the title as he's currently engaged in promoting Ayaan’s movie. However, when Karan probed further about the movie's name, she casually replied, 'Shiva number 1’, triggering an absolute uproar of laughter on the set.

Arjun's Embarrassing Statement and Sonam's Unexpected Revelation

Another unforgettable moment came when Sonam humorously stated during a sibling game, that her brothers had 'been with' almost all her mates. Arjun's blushing face was a sight to behold! Subsequently, in a bid to promote Arjun’s new movie 'Ek Villain Returns', Sonam ended up calling the movie a 'thirst trap' which again turned the set into a laughing riot.

Sonam's Role In Arjun's School Suspension

Arjun Kapoor unfolded an incident from their school days when he got suspended for defending Sonam. Recalling the incident, Arjun narrated how he attempted to confront a bully who had asked Sonam to leave the basketball court. Unfortunately, he ended up with a black eye and a school suspension.

Arjun Attended Sonam Kapoor First Date

The laughter roller-coaster reached its peak when Sonam declared that her first date included Arjun Kapoor. The duo visited a McDonald's in Lokhandwala, Mumbai, where Arjun sat separately, munching on burgers bought by Sonam herself. This disclosure indeed made one of the most humorous and memorable anecdotes of their on-screen interaction.

From Sonam's quirky responses to Arjun's hilarious comebacks, the episode was indeed a 'laugh riot'. It made the audience appreciate the vibrant dynamic the two stars shared, along with revealing some widely unexplored facets of their off-screen persona and relationship. It stood as a perfect reminder of why Koffee with Karan continues to brighten up our Sunday prime time with its unique mix of Bollywood candidness and hearty laughter.


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