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Harman drifts away from Priyanka, Hrithik

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Still from Love Story 2050
Harman has been taking the comparisons with his senior Hrithik Roshan on his chin. At his music launch last week when someone shouted 'Hey Hrithik' at him from the crowds Harman smiled and said, "Can't help the way I look. It's what my parents gave me." The ongoing comparisons between Hrithik Roshan and debutant Harman Baweja are now being nipped in the bud.

The Bawejas have decided to avert any more comparisons with the Krissh star and also to curb the unnecessary digs about Harman's glamorous girlfriend. Since it was felt that Harman even sounded like Hrithik, Harman's dubbing for Love Story 2050 is being done under strict supervision by a female voice expert who sits in with Harman. "She listens to every word that Harman dubs. And if anywhere he sounds like anyone else, she immediately corrects him and makes him re-do the dialogues. For this reason Harman's dubbing in Love Story 2050 has taken a painfully long time No actor has taken so long to complete his dubbing. A month away from release and Harman is still dubbing!"

Says a source close to the Bawejas, "Harman is not the least conscious or worried about all the comparisons with Hrithik. They started when Harry Baweja decided to launch his son in a futuristic film. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that it was another Krissh. Then to make the comparisons even stronger there was the Kareena Kapoor factor. She had opted out of Hrithik Roshan's Kaho Na...Pyaar Hai after a few days of shooting. The same happened with Harman's Love Story 2050."

More worrisome to Harman is the way Priyanka Chopra's presence in his life is being seen as a calculated move to gain mileage for the film. The giddy limit was when another debutante Mashoor Amrohi went on television to talk about colleagues who have glamorous girlfriends to flaunt.

Says the source, "Harman has a great deal of self-respect. He'd never want to be known by being associated with anyone else more famous and recognizable than him. In fact Kajol and Ajay Devgan were supposed to launch the music of Love Story 2050. Harman's father decided against it at the last minute. Harry Baweja in fact rang up his colleague Kumar Mangat and advised him not to allow Kajol and Ajay's presence to overshadow his daughter at the music launch of Haal-e-Dil. That's how self-respecting the Bawejas are."

It hurts Harman to have his name being constantly mentioned with Priyanka. Says a source, "He has now decided to seriously cut down if not entirely do away with public appearances with Priyanka. Of course she will be part of all the Love Story 2050 promotion. But Harman is refusing offers for magazine covers and guest appearances on reality shows with Priyanka."

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