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Sonam Kapoor To Tiger Shroff’s Mom: You Should Be Happy That Ram Gopal Varma Doesn’t Like Tiger

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A few days ago, Ram Gopal Varma, who is famous for making nasty comments about others, targeted Tiger Shroff and had written, "@iTIGERSHROFF U are great at martial arts but if BRUCE LEE ever posed like a bikini babe like u he wouldn't hav bcm BRUCE LEE..Please think."

In her latest interview with DNA, when Sonam came across the news how Tiger's mom Ayesha Shroff took stand for her son on his behalf, Sonam told, "They should be happy that Ramu doesn't like Tiger. Whoever Ramu doesn't like, does very well. I am very happy. I like Tiger. He's very cool and least bothered."

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Sonam On Her Recent ‘Black Dress’ Controversy

In the same interview, the lady talked about many things and also revealed what went wrong with her ‘black outfit'. She told, "I was wearing a low dress and when dancing, it moved. Three of the photogs went behind and started taking pics sideways. When someone alerted me, I adjusted my dress, but those pics were already circulated."

Sonam Further Added..

"I was wearing correct innerwear, so nothing bad happened. They made it into such a big deal on social media! I was like, ‘God! So what I am wearing is so important!' Of course, what I wear has always been discussed ."

Sonam On Sexism In Bollywood

"Sexism exists everywhere, even though there are mostly women in this office right now (laughs) and your boss is a woman! You get judged for your clothes and makeup. How you dress, should not be a criterion. They can judge you as a professional on whether you can lead your team or not, or do your job or not."

‘Men PMS More Than Women’

"Why do people feel that when women get pregnant, they won't be able to perform better? Pregnancy is not an illness. They also say, ‘Oh, she's PMSing.' I feel men PMS more than women most of the time. I can't even understand most of the time what they are going through."

‘Sexism Exists Everywhere’

"Sexism is not just in the Indian film industry. It exists in the corporate jobs, media and households. My friend tells me his wife can't handle money. Girls are bad drivers, they only like to shop. In my house, my dad likes to shop a lot and my mom handles the money."

‘Never Judge A Book By Its Cover’

"There's a preconceived notion and I have gone through my own ideas of what people thought I was or still think I am because I like to dress in a certain way and I like to look pretty, or I am Anil Kapoor's daughter or I am born with a silver spoon. As human beings, we need to break these preconceived notions based on someone who looks a certain way, or is a certain size. Never judge a book by its cover."

Sonam On Actors Getting Better Hotels Than Actresses..

"Yes, it exists a lot in the film industry. Earlier, I used to judge actresses, when they said, I am not getting enough money, and I'd say why the f**k are you doing it then? Don't do it. But then I realised that I am in a position where I can say no to jobs. I can sit at home for a year. I have the luxury of choice, but a lot of women don't.

She further added, "Actresses in successful position can say 'If you are going to treat me badly, I won't work with you.' I made that choice and I took a year-and-a-half off after Mausam. I had a great time in Mausam because Pankaj ji knows how to treat people."

"But before that, I wasn't treated right and I would wonder, 'Why is so-and-so staying in this HOTEL and why am I staying in this hotel?' or 'Why is so-and-so getting paid this much and why am I getting paid this amount?' All these questions were in my mind and I felt unhappy going to work. I felt like a second-class citizen and I took some time off and decided till I get the kind of work I want to do, till I get that respect, I am not going to work."

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