Exclusive: Soham Majumdar On Finding Success With Kabir Singh And Dhamaka: I Do Not Wish To Be A Show Stealer


    Actor Soham Majumdar has tasted success in recent years in films like Kabir Singh and Dhamaka. Be it playing Shahid Kapoor's caring friend or vengeful terrorist wreaking havoc in Kartik Aaryan's life, Majumdar has wowed the audience with his intense performances in the films. In an exclusive chat with Filmibeat, the actor spoke about his work receiving the desired adulation and his script selecting process.


    Soham Majumdar said that he does not wish to have the title of the show-stealer in his films. The actor said, "I wouldn't want to be the show-stealer. My efforts will always be to make the film a more honest and better piece of work. I never felt like I could've done this alone because since it's an art, it's like an amalgamation of a lot of people working towards a common thing. If the goal is not common, that is when the film or the character does not work so thankfully that has not happened to me. But this is life and we will have our ups and downs. Be it Kabir Singh, I had the utmost support of my director and my co-stars and even in Dhamaka, it was the same."

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    Soham went on to stress the fact that he could not have done this alone. He said, "I feel great to hear all these reviews that you're also mentioning right now, but having said that, I really couldn't have done it alone. It requires a lot of people working towards a common goal and that's even my mother who gave me food on time (I'm not saying she's only meant to do that) but just to keep me healthy and going when I'm really busy with my shoot. That also adds to my attitude on set on that particular day. These little things go a long way for your performance on set at certain times, according to me. Some people can segregate that and some people can't but I'm still in the learning phase."

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    The actor furthermore revealed that he follows his heart while zeroing in on a script. "I know this will sound very cliche but I just wish to go with my heart and I know that there are many big projects that I had rejected. They must have done great numbers but I just followed my gut while making the decision. A lot of people, after Kabir Singh, did not think that I would do a Bengali film and that I would be staying in Bollywood. But right after Kabir Singh, I did a Bengali film called Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti which was about a female priest. It sort of created a movement around here in Kolkata and that story needed telling. I just go after my heart and don't think what accolades I'll get by doing this."

    Soham Majumdar further added that he is grateful that his latest film Homecoming has got a platform like SonyLIV for streaming. The actor said, "Even with Homecoming, you cannot expect SonyLIV with a Bengali release. I'm not calling a movie small but for me, the victory is for Homecoming to get a national platform so that more people can see what Bengal is capable of doing. There's so much more talent in Bengal as well and I'm more of the opinion that saath chalte hain aur saath milke kuch karte hain so that we can be proud of our forefathers of cinema as well. Whether it's the Rays, the Ghataks, the Sens, so it's high time that we live up to their expectations."

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