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      Saas Bahu Aur Sensex Review

      By Staff

      Saas Bahu Aur Sensex
      Amongst the various interests of an Indian today are saas-bahu shows [the high TRPs vouch for it] and monitoring the sensex on a day-to-day basis. Shona Urvashi incorporates these two interests/passions in her second outing Saas Bahu Aur Sensex. It's a complete departure from her directorial debut Chupke Se.

      There's so much to explore when you talk of saas-bahu shows and the stock market. And Shona takes full advantage of the limitless possibilities the subject material has to offer. So there you go… there's a love triangle [also a fourth angle], the nosey house wives who get drawn to the stock market, a one-sided love affair of a stock broker...

      Shona's execution of the material is refined, in fact shades better when compared to Chupke Se. In fact, a number of scenes are expertly handled, but Shona's writing is an issue here. It unravels perfectly -- the sequence of event is just right -- but it takes its own sweet time to reach the finale. Ideally, the film should've been shorter in terms of duration. A running time of 1.30 hors would've only created a better impact.

      As things stand now, Saas Bahu Aur Sensex is enjoyable in parts, but a concise length would've helped.

      With her mother Binita [Kirron Kher] leaving her father and also their comfortable home in Kolkata, Nitya [Tanushree Dutta] finds herself in the new environs of Navi Mumbai. Finding her bearings in a new city could be tough, but she does so thanks to one of her neighbours, Ritesh [Ankur Khanna].

      Binita is befriended by the women in the colony and joins their kitty parties. Binita's father had left her some shares and she wants to dispose them off. She meets Firoz [Farouque Shaikh], an eccentric stock broker, who teaches her the ropes of correct investing. In the meantime, the group of kitty party ladies feel that Binita is up to something dubious. However, Binita introduces them to Firoz and they decide to invest in stocks.

      Stock market fluctuations, kitty parties, soap operas and the changing equations amongst the youth form the crux of the story.

      Shona Urvashi goes unconventional this time as far as the subject is concerned, but there're times when the unconventional theme meets with a conventional conclusion. Take Masumeh's character, for instance. She's a two-timer and after what transpires at the shaadi ka mandap, it's easy to predict what's in store next.

      Similarly, the hose wives turning their eye towards the stock market is novel, but a buoyant 30,000 points sensex has them rolling in wealth and that looks far-fetched. Yet, there's no denying that Saas Bahu Aur Sensex is engaging in parts. Only thing, Shona should've been far more objective and ensured a shorter length. Also, the fluctuations n the stock market may not appeal universally.

      The music is functional, but the best part is that the songs are of maximum 1-minute duration. Diego Rodriguez's camerawork is flawless. Plus, the housing complex in Pune gives the film a pleasant look.

      Both Farouque Shaikh and Kirron Kher vie for top honours. It's a pleasure to watch Farouque Shaikh after a hiatus. He pitches in an incredible performance. Kirron Kher is lovely, graceful, so talented. In a deglam look, Tansuhree Dutta gets to display her talent. She's top notch. Ditto for Ankur Khanna, who's getting better with every film.

      Masumeh looks every inch the seductress and gets to perform in the latter part. She's efficient. Amongst housewives, Lilette Dubey, Sharon Prabhakar and Shehnaz Anand are all lovable, so lively that you take to them instantly. Sudhanshu Pandey is effective in a brief role.

      On the whole, Saas Bahu Aur Sensex is interesting in parts. At the box-office, it has fair chances at select cities.

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