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Paris's punishment too harsh, says mom

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Washington (ANI): Paris Hilton's mum Kathy has claimed that her celebrity daughter's case was mishandled. Kathy Hilton agreed it was wrong on the part of the socialite to be irresponsible behind the wheel, but she insisted that no one was punished the way she was. "Yes, it was a powerful warning for all of us. You simply don't get behind the wheel when you have even had just a bit to drink. That is totally irresponsible. I agree with that," Us Magazine quoted her, as saying.

"I do criticize how Paris' case was handled though. That was not about the law, the prosecutor even admitted that. His own wife drove twice without a license and even smashed up a car. No, of 2000 cases that were like Paris', no one was punished like she was," she added. Kathy also refuted claims that the 'Simple Life" star is a spoiled brat, and that she has always been a 'tough mother".

“When Paris disobeyed us, we would first confiscate her mobile phone - practically her life. Second time it would be disconnected, for a month or so. Mothers are mothers, annoying. Perhaps I was too strict with Paris. But she drove me crazy for two years. We lived in a hotel then. In the evenings she would lay a doll under her bedclothes and put on a wig to steal out of the house. She was cheeky but never spoiled like it's always written - constant room service and credit card at ten years old, that is sick. But we never sued and so this myth grew larger and larger," she added.

"I am very strict. I call my daughter up and say, 'That is enough now, stop, I don't want to hear any more. You better stay home.' Of course I worry. That is why I nag just like all mothers -'Don't sleep with an open window with wet hair! Don't drive so fast, leave your phone on so we can reach you.' And always also, 'Did you hear me?' No, I am anything but an easy mother," she added.

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