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Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Spotted Hogging On Junk Food!

Written By: Chaitra
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Everybody loves food! Food industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Among them, the ruling brand happens to be McDonalds. Celebrities love fast food, too. Here are a few Hollywood celebrities spotted hogging on junk food.

One of the most surprising facts about these pictures is that, all of these celebrities are carrying products Of McDonalds. No doubt, it is one of the most trusted and famous brands in the world, but there are sides to the brand, too.

It is believed that the McDonalds' joker kills more people than the villain joker! Yes, it is also one of the most dangerous foods in the world, due to its high calories and unhygienic storage and cooking conditions.

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But, that hasn't stopped these stars from eating it. The celebrities who talk about leading a healthy lifestyle and making correct food choices, are seen hogging on McDonalds at many occasions. If these are the sort of examples set by such known personalities, what can one expect from the common people?

A very few celebrities like Chrissy teigen, has encouraged their fans to eat healthy. She has at many occasions told that she only likes whole food. She is also going to release her cook book soon. But, others like Kate Moss, were spotted walking out of the fast food outlets covering their face.

Other celebrities spotted within the fast food joints include, Rihanna and Kourtney Kardashian. These ladies seemed busy scanning the menu to order their favorite junk food and didn't seem to be bothered by others' attention.

You would surprised to look at these celebrities' faces when they are enjoying their snacks and sipping on a can of Soda. Below are all those Hollywood celebrities who were spotted hogging on their share of junk food in public:

Mariah Carey

Unlike other celebrities, Mariah Carey made some time to pose for a picture without getting on to belting on the fatty food.

Katy Perry

Seems like Katy Perry's health choices are very poor. First, she's seen smoking tobacco and then stuffing a whole burger into her mouth.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez enjoys fast food the most! She's always seen having it at the restaurants and posties selfies while doing so.

George Clooney

Like any other common man, George Clooney was spotted on the streets enjoying what looks like a hot dog.

Barack Obama

Who said the President shouldn't eat at McDonals? Here is Mr. Obama just relaxing and enjoying his burger.

Katherine Heigl

Even the busy schedule couldn't stop Katherine Heigl from munching on her junk food.

Justin Bieber

Well, Justin eating such fast food shouldn't be much of a surprise as the younger crowd prefer this to the whole foods.

Britney Spears

It definitely looks like the singer Britney Spears is promoting the brand more than eating. But, let us remind you all the struggle she went through to get into shape.

Kim & Kanye West

Like his 'n' hers, the couple eats together, too. One once, but many a times Kim and Kanye are seen eating at the fast food joints.

Nick & Joe Jonas

Like Justin Bieber, these two singer brother, Nick and Joe Jonas are seen grabbing their bags of fries and Coke.

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