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      The Midnight Sky Movie Review: George Clooney's Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Will Make You Cry For The Right Reasons

      Star Cast: George Clooney, Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, Tiffany Boone
      Director: George Clooney

      Available On: Netflix
      Duration: 122 Minutes
      Language: English, (Hindi Dubb)

      Story: The film starring George Clooney is based on a book titled Good Morning, Midnight written by Lily Brooks-Dalton. The Midnight Sky follows Augustine Lofthouse who is an ambitious scientist working towards finding habitable planets, where humanity could expand.

      The Midnight Sky

      Review: The Mightnight Sky is one of those rare sci-fi films that manage to express the gravitas of human extinction and at the same time focus solely on the protagonist, Dr Augustine Lofthouse, played by George Clooney. We meet Dr Lofthouse as a wobbly old dying man who refuses to evacuate his base. The rest of the earth is busy trying to save themselves, from the oncoming calamity. He chooses to stay back and warn any space mission about the situation on earth.

      The film does not dive deeper into what is wrong with earth, but we do get to see birds dropping and struggling to breathe as the atmosphere turns uninhabitable. All we find out is it 'was a mistake' as Dr Lofthouse put it; we also see him constantly worrying about the growing radiation around him, which is taking over the planet and is killing everything on it.

      Through Dr Lofthouse's memories, we also get to see a younger Augustine, who is working towards finding habitable planets where humanity could expand, but at the same time he is incapable of making human connections. The only woman he ever fell in love with leaves him due to his obsession with work. Thirty years later on the Artic base, Augustine meets a young girl Iris, who was left behind and builds a connection with her. With Iris' help, he travels to a better satellite station to warn the oncoming spacecraft Æther about the uninhabitable nature of earth's atmosphere.

      The film directed by George Clooney has a visual appeal of a sci-fi movie and an indie film with a high budget. The Midnight Sky tells the story through a rather unreliable old man but uses the visuals and background score to guide the audience well. It doesn't take too long to develop the story but at the same time, the emotional tone of the film stretches throughout the runtime helping the audience build a lasting connection with the main characters, Augustine, Iris and Dr Sully - who is on the spacecraft Æther.

      George Clooney as the wobbly old scientist walking around with dialysis pack, the only thing keeping him alive will leave you in awe of his performance. One minute he seems like a breakable old man and the other he is a protective father figure who will go through anything to save the lost child, Iris. Meanwhile, Caoilinn Springall as Iris gives a chilly performance, which comes off creepy at times and emotional otherwise, but works out perfect for her character.

      The Midnight Sky Movie Review

      Felicity Jones is distant and colder as Dr Sully, but so is her character who is away from the world and what the audiences' experience on the spacecraft Æther. It does maker her a colder character but Clooney's interaction with her in the final minutes of the runtime redeems her and every bit of the film that may not have sit well with the audience.

      Overall, The Midnight Sky keeps you engaged with some intense scenes, tests you emotionally, and gives you a glimpse of the darkest hour of humanity like the midnight sky. The film also leaves you with hopes like the stars twinkling and the sun which is bound to rise at dawn.

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