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      The Gentlemen Review: Guy Ritchie Returns With Classic Crime Comedy

      Star Cast:

      Language: English
      Duration: 113 minutes

      Story: The Gentlemen follows the story of drug lord Mickey Pearson, an American who starts from nothing and builds a marijuana empire in London. As soon as word gets out, he is cashing the business, others start scheming to win his fortune.

      The gentelmen

      Review: Directed by Guy Ritchie, The Gentlemen, marks his return to classic crime dramas after releases like Aladdin, Sherlock Homes and King Arthur. In the world of drugs, lush green lands and flat caps, you will find yourself lost among men who know nothing about forgiving and are definitely not emotional about the money.

      Matthew McConaughey, playing Mickey Pearson, gets out of his car and walks into a bar for a 10-minute meeting. After ordering a pint, Mickey calls his loving wife to make plans for the night. As someone walks into the bar, someone else walks in his wife's office, while Mickey is yelling 'Who is it?' a gunshot sprays blood on his pint. Within five minutes of the film, Guy has you asking questions, waiting to see what happens next.

      Cut to title, where we are introduced to the entire cast and crew the old school style. As we dive back into the film, we meet Fletcher, a private investigator and a journalist waiting for Mikey's right-hand man, Raymond to return home. Fletcher plans on blackmailing the drug lord Mickey, for crucial information that will help him sell his business at the right price. Offering the information for only £20 million, Fletcher begins pitching the script he wrote, which is also the crucial information, he claims to have.

      Mickey, the protagonist, is ready to sell his marijuana empire at $400 million so that he retire and spend more time with his wife. But the news that he is gone soft, sets other drug lords to start a war about who gets to take over the biggest and safest business empire. We also get a look at some of the serious aspects of the cannabis business, the involvement of Britain's Lords and Ladies, their spoilt kids and more.

      the gentlemen

      The film takes a dive into another film, while we are watching a film. There are several jokes that suggest a bit of smug attitude, but it does not harm the story or the characters, instead adds a quaint charm and a comic feel. The approach isn't for everyone, and neither is the story filled with cliches like drug dealers double-crossing each other several times. What works best for the film is the few laughs it manages to get in, the classy look and feel of The Gentlemen and one badass lady Michelle Dockery as Rosalind Pearson, Mickey's wife.

      Matthew McConaughey has a similar persona to some of his other roles but Charlie Hunnam as Raymond, and Hugh Grant as Fletcher keep you glued to the screen. The film makes for a fun watch thanks to its foul English language and the accents. There is a certain charm in watching these dressed-up men, running around spilling blood and playing games with each other. Even the most vulgar dialogue seems classy enough to just let it slide by. And any question you have will be answered by the end, except one, left out on purpose for the sequel.

      the gentlemen

      The Gentlemen will introduce you to so many people through the run time, that you eventually give up on keeping track of them. You also give up on the pieces Fletcher has been leaving in the story and decide to just go with the flow. There might be moments when you wish to stop and think the story through, but Ritchie has other plans for you. The filmmaker plays several jokes on you as the audience, and you will fall for it, guaranteed.

      It is more about living the scenes as they come and go, instead of trying to figure out who is going to get killed next. The quirks in the film, including the incredible cast and occasional humour, easily overpower the lack of originality in the script. Overall The Gentlemen may not be nominated or remembered as one of the best movies of the year but that's what works best of it! You will be able to watch it anytime again in future and will still enjoy it.

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