Mass Leader Movie Review: Hunt The Hunters With Patriotism!

    Shivarajkumar starrer Mass Leader has successfully released today, August 11, despite a few hindrances in the past. Shivanna has executed his character which has multiple shades in the film.
    By Lalithram
    Star Cast: Shiva Rajkumar, Pranitha Subhash, Vijay Raghavendra, Yogesh, Gururaj
    Director: Narasimha

    A leader is not one who gives away notes to get votes, but, a leader is one who stands at the border and fights for the entire nation!

    Producers: Tarun Shivappa & Hardik Gowda

    Story, Screenplay & Direction: Narasimha

    Cast: Shivarajkumar, Vijay Raghavendra, Guru Jaggesh, Yogesh, Pranitha Subhash, Vamsi Krishna, Sharmeila Mandre and others.

    Music Director: Veer Samarth

    Cinematography: Guru Prashant Rai

    Editing: K. M. Prakash

    Plot Of Mass Leader:

    Mass Leader tells the story of a patriotic army officer, Captain Shivaraj (Shivarajkumar), who, accompanied by his 2 comrades, Guru (Guru Jaggesh) and Viji (Vijay Raghavendra), hunts and fights terrorists from Kashmir till Karnataka, to keep the nation safe.

    Story of the movie revolves around present day, based on which the film's plot is weaved. The film's subject deals with illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, the political support for illegal immigration, illegal activities during election time, love jihad, terrorism and such similar subjects of national interest.

    How are these subjects linked to an army officer's story? Well, that in itself forms the crux of the story, which is always better watched than read. So, visit your nearest theatre and watch Mass Leader to get the patriotic feel.




    Shivarajkumar has definitely upped his ante and excels in his role as Captain Shivaraj. Despite being more than 50 years old, the Hattrick Hero is energetic as ever. His introduction in the film as a soldier deserves all the whistles and claps that people can give.

    Vijay Raghavendra & Guru Jaggesh

    Vijay Raghavendra & Guru Jaggesh

    Although Vijay Raghavendra and Guru Jaggesh play the 2 comrades of the protagonist, as Viji and Guru respectively, they have not been given much scope to perform in the movie. Yet, the two actors have carried out their roles very efficiently, conveying the feelings with their expressions.

    Pranitha Subhash

    Pranitha Subhash

    Pranitha Subhash plays the love interest and wife of the protagonist in Mass Leader. Although her on-screen time is less, she appears in a few scenes and one song and manages to deliver her best in a limited time frame.

    Loose Maada Yogi

    Loose Maada Yogi

    Interestingly, this is the first time Yogesh a.k.a Loose Maada Yogi will be seen in a complete antagonistic role. The actor has surpassed himself in skills and appears as a fierce negative character, only to gain much deserved applause. Yogesh is definitely a surprise package, watch out for him!

    Aashika Ranganath & Vamsi Krishna

    Aashika Ranganath & Vamsi Krishna

    Aashika Ranganath's role in the movie is the sister of the protagonist, Captain Shivaraj. Even though the actress' performance has been limited to the second half, she doesn't fail to impress the audience with her cute acting.

    Vamsi Krishna, the famous Tamil actor has a very special role in the movie wherein he is seen romancing the protagonist's sister. Vamsi has done an excellent job playing a supportive character in his first Kannada film.

    Other Characters

    Other Characters

    Baby Parinitha Kitty has played the daughter of Captain Shivaraj, and is a bundle of joy. The little kid has a lot of potential and scope for improvement. On the other hand, Prakash Belavadi plays the role of a corrupt politician who is hell-bent on destroying the nation for his greed, and obviously excels in his character on-screen.


    The first half of the movie breezes past, without one noticing the lapse of time, all thanks to fast paced action and situations. However, the second half slows down gradually when compared to the first half. Mostly, excessive stuffing of songs in between a fast-paced storyline becomes the speed breaker.

    Otherwise, the movie is fast-paced on a grander scale and the director, Narasimha, has excelled in delivering a successful mass movie. Kudos to the music director for composing some melodious tunes that will keep ringing in your ears long after exiting from theatres. Out of all the songs, 'Deepave Ninna Kannu' song is addictive and a phenomenal hit.

    Out of all the present day movies which only tackle simple subjects like rowdyism, crime, love story and pathos, Mass Leader clearly stands out from all of them. The film showcases patriotism and its importance on a bigger scale and it certainly feels good to watch the ever-energetic Shivarajkumar play the role of a military guy. Certainly, the film team has opted for the right time to release the movie - Independence Day time.


    A patriotic thriller at its best in Kannada film industry and a must watch on this 70th Independence Day!

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