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Balika Vadhu: Jagya Gets Arrested For Sanchi's Suicide Attempt

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In October 15th episode of Balika Vadhu, Jagya is very upset about how bad his family was treated in Udaipur and holds himself responsible for what happened. Ganga pacifies him saying that atleast he can be relaxed that Sanchi is out of danger and asks him to go to the hospital with a smile on his face. Jagya is hapy to hear Mannu call him Bapusa (dad) and says that he has made him very happy.

Sanchi's friends are at hospital and wants to meet her. Ira tells them that she needs to rest and also lets them know that they have filed police complaint against Jagya. While they are leaving, Anandi notices that one of her friends is extremely tensed.

Balika Vadhu

Ganga brings food for Jagya at the hospital. Just when Jagya gets ready to eat, the police comes in and tells him that they will have to arrest him for making someone (Sanchi) attempt suicide. When Ganga comes to know that Jagya has been arrested, she runs to the police and requests them to leave him alone claiming that he is a doctor and cannot harm anybody. Jagya asks her to calm down and advices her to be strong. He asks her to take care of the hospital until Lal Singh returns.

At Badi Haveli, Sumi expresses her feelings to Dadisa and tells her that Jagya and Ganga have no idea how many people have to pay for their deed and tells her that she is worried for Anandi. Dadisa remembers Ira's words and tells Sumi that relationship has already got bitter between that family and Anandi.

Bhairo asks Sumi to stop bringing their marriage in everything and says that they should be glad that Jagya is married and happy. Sumi is convinced that Jagya will not be happy as long as he is with Ganga.

Ganga goes to the Badi haveli and calls for everybody from outside. She informs them that Jagya has been arrested. Dadisa is furious and wonders why they took him when they apologised a thousand times already. Bhairo asks Dadisa to calm down and tells her that he will go to the police station and figure out the problem. Basant and Ganga also go with him. Dadisa says that she is keeping quiet only because Anandi is with them.

The police tells Jagya that Sanchi told them that he has played with emotions of other girls too in the past and asks him to sign the papers. Bhairo, Basant and Ganga enter the police station. Basant warns the police and tells him that Jagya is a doctor and everybody has only good things to say about him. Bhairo says he'll speak to Sanchi's family. The police inspector tells them that with Sanchi's statements, Udhaipur police has filed this complaint on behalf of Rajasthan's government and now only the court will decide everything.

Basant enquires about bail and the police tells him that getting someone to commit suicide is a non bailable offence and hence he will have to go to Udaipur with them. Bhairo tells Basant to go home and take care of everyone while he will try his best to get Jagya out on bail. Jagya asks Basant to take care of Ganga too and Basant promises.

Basant comes home and tells dadisa and others about the allegations against Jagya. Sumi is inconsolable and blames Ganga for whatever happened. Dadisa stops her and says that they (Sanchi's family) need to be taught a lesson and promises to take revenge.

In today (October 16th) episode of Balika Vadhu, you will see Jagya being questioned by the police. What will happen next? Will Jagya not be able to get bail? Will Sanchi's plan work out? Stay tuned to get latest updates on Balika Vadhu.

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